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  1. I bet hes talkin about a service honda cr500, and if you are yes get it! http://www.servicehonda.com/honda-2010-models/500af
  2. CR hands down thats the best year for the cr250 more reliable/powerful and less maintnence than the 426 wich is a heavier less powerful 450
  3. The 00-02 are the best years for the cr125 motor tuned right they have untouchable mid-top end power compared to other 125's and really who needs bottom end, does anything sound better than 125 15000rpm?
  4. Dont compromise then http://www.servicehonda.com/kawasaki-2010-models/kx500afx
  5. Washington

    Walker valley has some of best and most tech trails there is and theres a ton of single track that barely ever gets ridden, tahuya and capital forest wich is by olympia are nice but are more laid back kinda cruisin trails
  6. Im 6'4 170 and i like the feel of the 2nd gen honda 250s 00-01. i like the that frame cause its easier to hold with your legs than the third gen and less rigid than 1st plus the 00-01 motor is excellent. I also have a tall seat it makes it easier on your knees.
  7. Id go with a cr thats pre 02. I have a 97 cr 250 great bike better motor. The xr's are bullet proof, xr250 is the best trail bike ive ever ridden i love my cr tho
  8. Its a 99 for sure. 00-01 have different frame and plastics
  9. Ya real lazy men ride 450's. Real thugs ride 250 smokers
  10. 250 2t for sure a 250f isnt gonna be any faster than your 125. id get pre 02 a cr250 great bikes run like a clock and i dont think you can beat a 97 cr250 motor imo fast as hell
  11. sounds like I need to look at KX100's. Thank you for all the information. Im going to start looking at all the classifieds The rm100s are pretty much the same as the kx's
  12. Pre 02 Cr250 with a flywheel weight=woods killer, or an rmx 250 wich already has a flywheel weight light and trail suspension
  13. Id go with the 85. Its cheaper easier to work on and will teach you to ride better and corner faster
  14. Those little bitchs need to feel how that bike felt
  15. 250 2t get a 97-01 cr250 and spend a little to get the suspension valved and sprung and youll be happy as pie