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  1. didymus21

    Should these cracks concern me?

    For the record, I did read the faqs when I first became a member. Kept me from asking a lot of the noob questions. However, that was awhile ago...seeing the casting marks didn't jog any memories--which is why I asked. Yes, I'm guilty of not re-reading the faq section.
  2. didymus21

    Should these cracks concern me?

    Fair enough, I guess I was being lazy...was spending my few minutes checking out the SSW MRD pipe mods.
  3. didymus21

    Should these cracks concern me?

    Just looking for input after the oil change on my new-to-me used DRZ400sm. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. didymus21

    Fcr 39mm...wasting cash?

    The question I have is this: If running a 3x3 mod and full rs3 yosh system...will I see a benefit in HP to install the Fcr39 with a rejet? I don't want to go down the big bore, insane HP Sisneros mod route, but would like to see some gains. So, will I see gains worth the ~$550 or should I just hold off? Thanks guys.
  5. didymus21

    DRZ400sm seems to hesitate...

    Thanks for the input, I'll give that a try. Didn't really lock it away for Winter...the longest it sat without running was 2 weeks.
  6. didymus21

    DRZ400sm seems to hesitate...

    Yeah, it'd be reasonable to give you some more details wouldn't it? OK, here goes: It's a 2005 with the stock carb that was rejetted by the previous owner for the 3X3 mod that was done. The only other big thing done to it was a Yosh RS-3 system that was also done by the previous owner....at least I think it's an RS-3...doesn't really say anywhere on the bike. Thanks for the help guys. Matthew
  7. didymus21

    DRZ400sm seems to hesitate...

    Hi there, new to the forum and plan to post quite a bit in the near future as I attempt to learn about and mod my motorcycle. I know next to nothing about mechanics, so this will be a fun way to gain my knowledge base. For starters, I took my bike for an 80 mile ride on the freeway, pushing it hard to keep up with a buddy of mine. Ever since that ride I've noticed some problems. Specifically, the bike seems to hesitate when accelerating. This is most noted during the transition from 3rd to 4th gear. It almost feels like the bike is running out a gas at that time...there is a delay from throttle on to the bike accelerating...maybe a few seconds? It really slugs around in the middle gears now and just doesn't seem to transition as smoothly as it once did. Anyone know what is going on here? Does the carb need cleaning? Is it something entirely different? Would really appreciate any feedback.