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  1. ridersteve

    Loose chain

    so if i have it at correct tightness, 3 fingers of play, then i shouldn't have to tighten it for a month?
  2. ridersteve

    Loose chain

    I Just got a kdx200. the chain gets loose often, like i have to tighten every day. i even tried carrying around bar and chain oil. any suggestions on how to keep my chain from getting loose so often? is there such a thing as a chain Tensioner?
  3. ridersteve

    Have TTR125, convert to 150?

    some say xr200 carb. will this work
  4. ridersteve

    Have TTR125, convert to 150?

    do the bbr fork spring do the trick or do i need to replace with yz 80 forks? does the year of the carb/forks matter?
  5. ridersteve

    Have TTR125, convert to 150?

    i want to keep my 125, i like the size and relability. what do i need to change with it if i do the bbr150 kit or other kit. Carb? Jetting?
  6. ridersteve

    Have TTR125, convert to 150?

    hi, i have a 2003 yamaha ttr125 and want to get more power out of it, i am 17 and 150lb. is it worth it to put a big bore kit (150) on andor anything else and if so who sells what. also i have spending limit of $500 now but can add later. what are your suggestions and can i do the work myself.