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  1. radrobert

    DID dirt star rims

    True, but they don't list the rims on their site. ??? Anyway, I was referring to rim quality. Nothing against pro wheel
  2. radrobert

    Whats with Honda and DID rims?

    yes I do work at RAD. We're down in the bottom of the state so we don't see the pitsterpro guys, but we do sell to them.
  3. radrobert

    Help with DID rims

    The numbers on DID rims have to do with the spoke holes and the angles at which they are drilled. All Japanese bikes can use the same rims. It's the Euro bikes which use an opposite drill pattern. KJ790 got it right...The difference in brands is not much, and generally has to do with the spoke hole diameter. It's very easy to drill a little bit of meat away from the rim in order to make your nipples fit.
  4. radrobert

    DID dirt star rims

    Pro wheel should not even be mentioned in the same sentence as DID. The quality is not even close between any chinese made rim and the top quality Japanese stuff. DID Dirtstars ST-X are the best rims, in my experience. Actually, they are now the only rim made in Japan since excels are now made in malaysia. Not only that, but the current supply is far below the level of demand for excel rims.
  5. radrobert

    Whats with Honda and DID rims?

    DID DirtStars are the best in my experience, especially the ST-X. Better than Excel Takasago series, and every bit as good if not better than A60's. The best part about them is that they are currently available, not back ordered for months like Excels. Most of the top supercross racers are running dirt stars this season. Excel is losing market shar since they dropped the ball this past year. Expect to see much more DID rims out there from now on. FYI, the rims that DID makes for Honda OE are not dirtstars. Honda demands lightweight rims, so the material used is not the same quality as the premium rims. The DID guys told me that pros used to run the Honda OEM rims for years and rarely bent them. Not sure why, but maybe it has to do with running on closed, groomed courses. All I know is that DID makes a great product, and they're now the only rim made in Japan.
  6. radrobert

    D.I.D dirtstar rim ***

    DID DirtStars weigh the same as excel a60's and are just as strong if not stronger in my experience. They true up perfectly! They are also available, whereas excels are harder to come by since they dropped the ball.