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  1. kawi1166

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    just spoke to the rangers station at MC they said should not be any closures but it has been raining hard we are heading up camping to deer valley sat should be epic ,less dust, much cooler we will be in a black tacoma with a yello yamadog quad and a rm 250 if your up stop by say hi and have a beer!
  2. kawi1166

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    What time you heading up brennan? was thinking of heading up also stage at lower deer valley rd ?
  3. kawi1166

    Anyone want to ride Monday, Cow or Middle Cr.?

    planning on it ill be at lower deer valley by 8:30 pm me your #
  4. kawi1166

    Anyone want to ride Monday, Cow or Middle Cr.?

    sound like a good day with some rain coming should be epic.
  5. kawi1166

    Cow or MC Sunday morning.

    Nice scoot bob glad your back .hey weekday riders im off work until june looking for some weekday thrashing post up next time your riding
  6. kawi1166

    Stonyford options?

    also if you head down hwy 20 to upperlake then head up middle creek rd there are many places middle creek,deer valley/penny pines look at Mendocino ohv great place to ride and very large area to ride
  7. kawi1166

    Cow or MC Sunday morning.

    So Sunday was great weather was perfect trails were nice still some puddles brennan and I road I believe the big loop from lower deer valley we only saw a handful of riders and brennan is a great guide my 300 ran great but my body was screaming at me on Monday so all in all great day of riding no major crashes everytime I ride the ktm I wonder why it took me so long to sell the 450 and go back to the two smoker /I have some time off for the next few weeks look forward to ridding mid week with you all!!!
  8. kawi1166

    Cow or MC Sunday morning.

    I vote for lower deer valley im loaded and ready to go can be there by 8:00
  9. kawi1166

    Cow or MC Sunday morning.

    you decide where your going on sunday?
  10. Anyone riding Cow/Middlecreek/lower deervalley/Pennypines this Sunday ?
  11. kawi1166

    anyone going to KaTooMfest this weekend?

    orange forum can someone fill me in on this event at middle creek ive been jonesing to ride and this sound fun
  12. kawi1166

    good friday cow trip

    what trails were you thinking of riding?
  13. kawi1166

    good friday cow trip

    I may be up I have to change my front tire in am but im only 1 hour from cow ill be in a lifted silver ranger w ktm 300 my name is mike
  14. Where is everyone ripping it up this weekend ?
  15. kawi1166

    COW MOUNTAIN Trail 25 Opinions Please !

    Ive ridden 25 twice lately coming from 17 then through the creek up and out .It sucked coming down I couldn't imagine how much fun up would be NOT! I hope they do something its the best trail there when its in decent shape!