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  1. I will get a clutch basket tool,trying to find best deal an quality on a crank and rod plus piston
  2. crank bearings was the problem
  3. thanks every one the crank was froze up metal shaving from the bearing on the bottom, was able to split cases with rubber mallet so im on my way thanks for the info
  4. im feeling your right about the crank is changing the crank a night mare
  5. pulled the head and piston cylinder looked good but the piston had a chip on top of piston not by the valves, side of piston look good. the bike did not sound bad radiator was full ..after taken top end off, I should be able to roll the crank but it is very hard
  6. 5 to 6 rides .its only been 1 ride since last oil change
  7. I was riding my bike n it felt like my piston cracked, I pulled over an inspected the bike n after I saw nothing was wrong I got on it an couldn't kicked it over so I knew I seesed it. I took the motor out took the top end off n nothing was broken but im wondering if anyone has had any issues with the crankshaft or anything in the bottom end causing the freeze?
  8. I1lopez

    troubels 09 crf 450 need help

    thanks i will be taking that apart tomorrow
  9. i have a crf 450 09 it will idle for a short time but soon as i hit the throttle it shuts down , ive checked timing on the money valves both sides r good spark plug good new stator,im sure its in the fuel system...were do i go