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  1. mrweehorn

    clutch with high biting point

    i ve put a brand new cable on and the basket is clean as a whistle ... might try new springs though
  2. mrweehorn

    clutch with high biting point

    does anyone know why my crf 250 has high biting point on the clutch... it does kick in till the lever is nearly all the way out ... it works fine with no slippage or juddering im just used to have more control over it with the lever .... is it time for new plates
  3. mrweehorn

    08 crf 250 jetting

    finally found some leak jets ... had to get them imported from America as it seems nobody really knows what im talking about over ...thanks for the help ill let you know how I get on with the changes
  4. mrweehorn

    08 crf 250 jetting

    i spoke to a Honda offroad parts company today about the jets and they told that a leak jet is also called a slow jet does this sound right to you William 1
  5. mrweehorn

    08 crf 250 jetting

    ive just read your thread about the o ring mod . would this be relative to my problem
  6. mrweehorn

    08 crf 250 jetting

    so what would you advize to solve my problem with this bog issue
  7. mrweehorn

    08 crf 250 jetting

    thanks for the info mate .. the changes im going to make, were recommended to me on here to fix whats seems to be a common problem http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/798031-crf250r-bad-bog-when-wrapping-the-throttle-fast/ ill find a leak jet and try that first though
  8. hi bike buddys ... need some advice on jetting . im trying to solve a problem with bogging on my 08 crf 250 ... its not a serious bog it only happens when I wrap to throttle really fast from low revs..i mostly ride on endure tracks and in woods so need it to be a bit more responsive from low revs ..most of my riding is around 1000ft from sea level..... im going to replace the stock main jet (188) with a 172 and a 42 pilot then see how it goes from there ...... problem is while i.ve been reading about this theres mention of a 40 or 50 leak jet , which I can t find when trying order jets .... is there another name for this in Britain ...........thanks .............
  9. mrweehorn

    rm 250 clutch is wierd

    my mate recently bought a rm 250 and has problems with the clutch.. it works but it seems to bite really hard as soon as you let the lever out slightly.... causes the bike to stall a lot unless you give it loads of revs .which just pops the front wheel stright away..... could this be because the springs are tightened to much
  10. mrweehorn

    yz426f starting nightmare

    happy days , think i,ve got the knack of it now.... just hope i can apply it out on the track.
  11. mrweehorn

    yz426f starting nightmare

    yeah an exhaust cam mod sounds good and ive looked into it . hot cams do one for this bike or like you said a 03 yzf 450 will fit in .. gonna get some practice starting this week before i go out again . might set the revs a little higher aswell to help against stalling till i get used to it. thanks guys
  12. been for a ride on my yz426f today and had a total night mare . after eventually getting the bike started i set off and every was ok till stalled it and tried to start it again ... did nt get any where fast .... i knew that there was a knack and a procedure to follow for starting but had a time get used to it ..i ve only just got this bike and im new to 4 strokes . like i ve said i know theres a procedure to follow to start it, but still really struggled to the point of exhaustion. i could eventully get it started but don t want go through this every time im out for a ride... i don t know if its just me, not being used to it yet or is there something mechanical that needs attention that could be causing a starting problem like valve clearance or timing e.t.c
  13. mrweehorn

    yzf 426 engine oil issue

    thank buddy . thanks for the links you ve been very helpful indeed
  14. mrweehorn


    have you still got good compression . from what you are sayin about the smoke lingering its definatly sounds like its burning oil. it could be an oil ring on the piston thats gone ,,,,, im not an expert though so could be some thing different.
  15. hi people . i recently bought a 2001 yzf 426 ..... i m new to 4 strokes , ive just been checking my bike over and removed the fly wheel cover to inspect it , when i did this engine oil came out ...(already drianed the oil) is this normal for a 4 stroke . as i know all my 2 strokes had no oil in there thanks