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  1. the_dixtar

    Kx250f front brake

    Price is great but just checked and its $84 extra for shipping to my country
  2. the_dixtar

    Kx250f front brake

    Hey guys, I managed to snap my front brake caliper off the hanger on my 09 250f today after hitting a hidden rock and am am wondering if any other year kxf's share the same from caliper hanger as mine so I can narrow down my search for a replacement. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. How didn't that bike go bang, if I treated my bike like that id have hell of a expensive rebuild on my hands
  4. the_dixtar

    Check this out !

    Would anyone on here fancy a day like this on their big day lol
  5. the_dixtar

    New rebuild gone bang !

    Fair play DK you know your sh*t Another lesson learnt on how to fit my valves Had my new cam chain today so ill be having another go at getting her running on the weekend
  6. the_dixtar

    New rebuild gone bang !

    I marked the cams when I bought them brand new just in case the cam gear did move. So luckily i've got a reference point to put the gear back to now ill be adding a few spot welds to try and prevent this from happening again.
  7. the_dixtar

    New rebuild gone bang !

    I've gone for stainless now and had this issue. With all the new valves fitted is it normal for the exhaust valves to feel harder to push down on the springs? I replaced the tensioner when I fitted new cams not long ago. I get around 5 clicks when I rotate the engine by hand after fitting the tensioner. going to get the cam gear re-calibrated and iv'e ordered a new chain so once that arrives ill try putting it back together and try again. just hope it works fine this time round.
  8. the_dixtar

    New rebuild gone bang !

    The cam chain had less than 5hrs use. I changed it along with new cams and only used the bike 2-3 rides so didn't see the point in throwing a chain with such little use. I didn't notice any damage to the chain when I re-fitted it so I'm assuming it's from this incident. I'd like to know if it could have caused it to happen if it was there before so I can at least rule it out as an issue.
  9. the_dixtar

    New rebuild gone bang !

    Just pulled the head off and the valves look fine, no little marks or anything on the valves or piston and their holding fluid so all looks good I found a kink in the timing chain on 1 link, not sure if it was there before but I didn't notice anything when putting her back together. Anyone think that could have caused it?
  10. the_dixtar

    cam problems please help

    I had the same issue last week but it was only my inlet cam jamming up. put your cam cap on a glass surface or anything flat and see if it rocks. I done it with mine and it was warped on the inlet side. I had mine horned out a bit in work and polished the journals up to help the cam spin better.
  11. the_dixtar

    New rebuild gone bang !

    Fired up my bike earlier after fitting new piston, valves etc it ran sweet for 20-30 seconds then after a few revs she cut out with a bit of a "snap" noise. pulled the rocker cover off to check straight away and found the inlet cam has slipped 2 teeth on the gear. Is there a way I can re-calibrate the cam? and secondly is there a way I can check if the new valves have been damaged without pulling the head off again? And anyone got any idea what could have caused this? everything was torqued down correctly and the cams were spinning freely before starting her up.
  12. the_dixtar

    Exhaust crush washer

    Heres a pic of the one I pulled out with the o-ring squashed onto the washer. and a pic of the squashed washed with a pic of the new o-ring included in the kit both the same size. If the o-ring doesn't go on the exhaust any idea where it goes???
  13. the_dixtar

    Exhaust crush washer

    Id have thought the same but the crush gasket I removed had a rubber seal squashed onto it and I cant remember what side it came out of the head. The spare gasket kit I had with the bike came with 2 crush washers and 2 rubber seals which has got me assuming it must go on the exhaust !!!
  14. the_dixtar

    Exhaust crush washer

    Hi Guys, Ive got a top end gasket kit and for the exhaust header theres the copper crush gasket and a rubber seal, which one goes on the head first the copper or the rubber?
  15. the_dixtar

    Cam cap issues

    The head is assembled and torqued down on the engine. This is the first bit of good news i've had knowing it can be sorted and its not a throw the head away job. I've checked the cam cap on a flat glass surface and theres a tiny bit of rock on the cam cap so im assuming that could be my fault