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  1. What psi would you run on a mx track generally with the tubliss?
  2. Darrell just got a quote for a 16 yzf450 for $8500 otd
  3. Glenn you looking to go orange?
  4. California

    Yes it is a long haul but raced the REM on Saturday so made it a moto weekend. Now just got to get the foot checked out and see what is going on
  5. California

    Well just got back home (Phoenix) so here is my good and bad today. Practice I was all amped because what a blast ended up doing two laps even though they say only one. Started 3rd row on the 10:15 race. Got a great start and was in 3rd then guy in front of me spins out on the 2nd turn on that 1st uphill and I have no where to go but t-bone him then I start rolling backwards and bam got hit from behind. Jacked up my foot so didn't get to go any further in the race. Bummer for sure but I will be back because that was fun what little I did get to do. My buddy finished the race and said most fun he has had in a long time racing.
  6. California

    I think I am in the 10:15am group (40 nov) so hope it wont be too blazing but I also live in Phoenix and riding in 115 heat sucks but is normal out here in the summer. I bought a camelbak so hope that helps with the long moto. Thank you for the quick responses by the way. So left hand on helmet but engine running start?
  7. California

    Ok this may not be in the right forum but let me try anyhow. I am racing the SRA GP on Sunday on my stock 15 KTM 450sx and not sure if I will have enough fuel in the stock tank. I know fuel consumption depends on many things ba bla bla but just seeing what other people have done. I am normally a 5 lap mx guy so this long moto thing is new to me but sounds like a blast.
  8. 15 hrs on my 450 now and only issue was top of battery was kind of rusted/corroded but cleaned it all up and so far so good. I heard about the others having melted side panel so I placed a piece of that heat aluminum tape on the side panel and no issue at all for me. Love this bike.
  9. Ok I know this is probably in the wrong forum but let's see. I am racing a GP at Glen Helen this weekend on my 15.5 FE 450 and just curious if I will have enough fuel in the stock tank to make it the 55 min long moto. I am used to doing the 5 lap moto thing but not sure about racing an hour. Thanks in advance
  10. Just a quick update. Don't get the HG ones. They are to thin and you can see the Dungy 5 through them. Looks stupid.
  11. I am pretty sure this company out of Sweden makes our FE graphics. HG Stickers.
  12. Well I have calmed down now and rode the bike this weekend and all seems good. I do think everything is ok with the motor but for sure will not be using this dealership again. Now just need to get the suspension figured out. Thank you for all the replies.
  13. So went to pick up my FE last night at the dealer finally and of course they are not ready for me yet. So I sit for an hour outside dinking around and I hear it. Sounds like my brand new 450 bouncing off the rev limiter. No cant be my brand new bike!! Then I hear it again and again and again like 8 times. I am not talking a quick chop of the throttle it was hold it wide open and bounce it off the rev limiter. I thought I was going to throw up it made me so sick to my stomach. I ran to ask them w t f and the tech said he was having trouble getting the launch control to work. I proceeded to rant about my new engine with ZERO hours on it bouncing of the rev limiter 8 times. He said it was not under load and it was no big deal. I spent the rest of the night fuming over this so I just want to ask you guys this. If you just paid big $$ for a new FE and have waited months to get would it you be upset about this or am I just being hyper sensitive cause it is a FE. I feel like this jackass just broke in my bike for me. On a positive note. I FINALLY GOT IT!!!!
  14. Glad to get this photo from my dealer today. Pick it up tomorrow
  15. It left on a truck from east coast on Tuesday (I thought he said cargo ship offloads in Virginia) and I would imagine all ours coming from the same cargo ship/truck to AZ. At least that would be the smart thing to do.