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  1. lmfao i was thinkin the same!!! lmao when i was lookin for gear all i see is like XL or XXL and im just like -__- lol but lucky me iwear XXL but i dont know how gear fits being that ive never worn any moto jackets and what not. . . but i co-sign with you lol:bonk:
  2. thats one bad ass bike, killer freakin mod man. . . keep them coming. i have a question, since i am a noob and i am just researching this stuff i wanted to know are/is (this) headlight not built for DRZ's? becuase from what i read you made it mount to the bike, so assuming that the brackets it came with were not made specifically for the DRZ. . . just tryin to clear thatup with my self
  3. this is a great post, i my self am a newbie and i am lookin to buy my first bike in a few months, this post made me realize what the first most important mod i will have to do once i get mine jackrook when you get your bike back lets us know what the difference is. i my self am a big dude and i am 6'2, 270lbs so i will use the advice given here to do the same