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  1. CodyJ

    Sorting out an EG 295

    Well, their website says you will probably have to lean the jetting a bit, and the guy I spoke to on the phone told me he had to go up two sizes on the main, and left everything else the same. I guess I'll just have to spend some quality time with it.
  2. CodyJ

    Sorting out an EG 295

    Thanks, Ill give them a call. And I'll check the orientation of the plug later tonight. and to keep the pics coming.....
  3. CodyJ

    Sorting out an EG 295

    Thanks, I figured I would just keep tinkering with it until I got it right, I don't think I've ever seen that 1/4 moon shape white mark on the porcelain of a plug before, so I'm curious what that means if anything? Any idea what pipe surface temperatures I should be looking for? I promise to post some really cool thermal images of it the next time I get a chance to mess with it. and one more pic for good measure, because nobody likes a thread without pics.
  4. CodyJ

    Sorting out an EG 295

    So I put my bike back together 2 years ago with an EG 295 kit, Mid-Top Race gas, heat cycled it a couple times, ran it around the yard for 5 minutes. It was clearly way off on its state of tune, but I didn't have time to mess with it. Now 2 years later, and 3k miles away from where I started it, I am finally ready to get this thing ready to ride. I maybe started it 4-5 times in the last two years to load it in the back of the truck a few times to transport it, It always started second kick. Heres what the jets were then. Pilot - 50 Needle - 2nd clip Main - 178 Power Jet - 50 It ran great as a 250 like this in the northeast at 1k feet, but fell out quickly when I was close to full throttle when it was put back together So here is where I am now: I cleaned the carb, tossed a few new parts at the carb, set the float level and slapped it back together with some fresh C12 mixed 32:1 with Klotz R50. So-Cal at sea level Jets - Pilot - 42 Needle - 2nd clip Main - 172 Power Jet - 50 I checked timing, and it was at .012 btdc which is I believe around 1.5 degrees advanced, so I set it back to .007 btdc. ran it and set the air screw. I started with a 45, but ended up with a 42 to get the fastest idle at 1.5 turns out. I then ran it up and down the parking lot a few times, and it definitely doesn't completely fall off like it did before the carb clean and rejet. I found an old compression tester kicking around and tried my hand with that, and got a reading of 195psi. I'm not sure if this means a lot with an old beater of a compression tester... I am pretty new to the jetting game, so here is a pic of the plug, I ran this plug for 20 minutes or so around a parking lot, mostly mid throttle with a couple quick twists to full. Any suggestions? is the plug helpful here? its not quite what I expected to see. Or do I just keep messing with it, needle first then main and see how good I can get it with some plug chops? whats with the little bit of white left on the porcelain? Pipe is a Noleen, Silencer is a Pro Circuit 304 Thanks in advance!
  5. CodyJ

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    I've got one to give out. PM me EDIT: Gave code out already
  6. CodyJ

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    I am looking for a code and will forward the new one in return, Please let me know, and thanks in advance
  7. Here is mine, Before, Today, and in progress. I got it as a gift after being off a bike for 4 years, (My brother got it in a trade and didn't know what to do with it) I beat it like I hated it for a year, then tore it down for a top end... it needed a lot more than a piston, so it got an EG295 kit with Mid-Top Porting and a race gas head, and that went into an 02 frame, which I picked up for a great deal. The new frame came with a title, which made it perfect since I already had plans to move back to Cali. I built it from the frame up out of the original bike, the newer style frame, and an 03 YZ125 parts bike I picked up cheap. All in all I ended up with probably over $2k into it, but its as close to perfect as it can be for something I now intend to beat to death! Now, is there anyone in the Santa Barbara area that wants to lend a hand jetting this thing. ...And no, The Harley is not mine
  8. CodyJ

    'It's not the team; It's the new Yamaha'

    Agreed! I'm a Yamaha fan as well, and it always sucks to hear someone bash your brand or bike. (whichever it may be) I'm generally in the 2 stroke forum, but now I'm off to the 450 forum to see what the general consensus is on the bike. Do most people really dislike it that much?
  9. CodyJ

    'It's not the team; It's the new Yamaha'

    Yeah, and just as I did, you didn't refresh to see my edit...
  10. CodyJ

    'It's not the team; It's the new Yamaha'

    well, not really... he mentioned winning 11 out of 17 times in 2009. He was trying to make it less personal towards Yamaha, and more about the current 450 in particular. edit: I need to refresh before I post!
  11. CodyJ

    Vforce4 reeds ?

    actually, I'm pretty sure on the receipt for my 295 kit he made note of the Boyesen rad valve... I thought it was kind of strange, so I ordered one, and when it came in I compared it to the V-force reed cage I had, only to find the Rad valve sits deeper into the cylinder.
  12. ok, so... I re-read the "understanding Yamaha Part Numbers" thread... if I read it correctly, the first three numbers actually mean a lot... so... 2001 part # 5CU-21425-00-00 2002 part # 5NX-21425-00-00 I guess I'm ordering some motor mounts...
  13. CodyJ

    300 dyno test

    FMF makes the current GYTR pipe, but i believe there used to be a GYTR pipe made by Bill's pipes
  14. So no luck. With everything loose I can Rock the motor a little up and down, unfortunately, I can only have it as it was in the picture, or even closer to the frame (farther from fitting the brackets up) Any chance the brackets changed? Otherwise I'm at a loss and will have to oval the holes about a 1/4 inch... -Cody
  15. I cut my leg wide open the end of last week and haven't been able to give it a shot yet. My plan is to get back in the garage tomorrow afternoon and I'll give it a try. I'm thinking it has to work, they have the same part number, so they have to be correct, right? I'll update tomorrow night