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    xr-crf maintenance

    As an aircooled Volkswagen guy, I love the adjustable rockers on my old engines. They're easy to adjust. They're also a low RPM, very different engine. Having said that, I'm not a fan of modifying stock internals unless well proven. Not sure if I'd throw down the cash for something like this or not... Was that helpful? Kyle
  2. kyle_pc_75

    new guy in Utah

    I had tried a screwdriver but with no luck. After letting it soak in carb cleaner for a bit I was able to grab the edge with some angled pliers and yank it out. I also noticed the flange on the header had a spot of weld on its face, so I filed that flat. Thanks for the advice. I have the bike all back together except for that. I also installed a 3.4 gallon tank and a TrailTech Endurance. Excited to get it out on the road and trail! Kyle
  3. kyle_pc_75

    new guy in Utah

    Hey guys, I'm new around here as I just picked up a 2005 CRF450X. I've been riding an '82 XL250R for a couple of years, but it was getting worn out trying to keep up with my buddies, so here I am. The bike was pretty decent when I got it, but had been sitting for over a year. It ran ok, but not great. I figured old gas was part of the problem and proceeded to do a thorough going through of the bike. Pulled the carb and cleaned it (a little dirty and varnished), checked the valves (in spec), dumped all the old gas and made a couple of upgrades along the way. The other thing I noticed was a backfire on deceleration, and sure enough the exhaust was leaking were the header connects to the head. You can see the gasket was all mashed out of place and there was the telltale soot trail on the pipe. I guess my first question is this looks like a copper crush gasket, right? Well, it's pretty well stuck in there. Any hints on getting it out? Thanks...looking forward to the season! Kyle