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  1. keiski09

    2013-2014 DRZ400sm speedometer replacement

    Khpro149, if you decide to sell your stock speedometer, ill be interested in it
  2. keiski09

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    My 2008 Drz400sm, I have up to 5500 miles now. Favorite bike I have ever owned
  3. I have a 2008 suzuki drz400sm and the other day my speedometer broke. the Backlight shows up on the speedometer but no graphics or numbers come up. I took the speedometer apart and so far I have been unable to find any pieces where the sottering broke. Anyways, I am now looking to purchase a used Speedometer for the bike. I have 5500 miles on the bike now so if possible I would like to find a speedo with less than 6000 miles. If any one has any advice in how to fix my speedo or has one for sale, message me or put up a post. Thanks.
  4. keiski09

    xr400r street legal?

    i bought the bike, so we will see if i can register it lol
  5. keiski09

    xr400r street legal?

    alright thanks alot for the input guys. i appreciate it.
  6. keiski09

    xr400r street legal?

    im looking into buying a 1997 xr 400r and it has a certificate of title in new jersey. on the title it is classified a mcy and when i looked at the title i didnt see any letters indicating salvage or lemon or anything. i have 2 questions. 1. if the bike has a street title for new jersey will i have a hard time transfering the title over to new york? has anyone else done this before? 2. the bike has a baja headlight and tail light, and super moto tires but doesnt have blinkers, horn or speedometer? how much would a blinker and horn kit cost? and a speedometer? thanks in advance.