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  1. Rashvin Pillay

    Honda Dirt Bike Fork!! Need help ASAP.

    hmmm i have no idea how to check the clicker. could it be the folk seal?
  2. Rashvin Pillay

    Honda Dirt Bike Fork!! Need help ASAP.

    well im riding a 1990 xr 250. it seems to be hard. i have not tested it out yet on the raod as i am checking to see if everything is fine before riding. so when hit the breaks and force it down the fork does not go down as it should. could it be oil seal?
  3. I have a problem with my fork now. its too hard. could anyone tell me what the reason for it to be hard. when i hit the break it goes down a little. Pls help me out. How could i solve this and what could i do. thanks alot.
  4. Hi guys i just re build my bike. its almost been 3 months now and its almost finish. the only issue which i am facing now is my Fork is : previously before disassembling my bike, the fork is already hard but still OK. When i hit the front brakes, the fork goes down as it should, But after i assemble my bike again, the fork seems to be hard. even when i brake and force it down, it still does not go down much. Its been 3 months since i put back my fork, but i dont think that is the problem. i have not rode it yet but im testing to see if everything is OK before actually riding it. but the fork is hard. What could it be?? I am riding a xr200 1990 model. I really need help. Anyone has a manual or know what to do. Thank you. Ur help is much appreciated. cheers.