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  1. xXxwr250fxXx

    What would you like to see in 2012

    black rims on the trails = a new look of scratched black, they'll look shit house after a couple rides, but a hydraulic clutch would be excellent, flex jet/mixture screw, on the wr's they should remove the old school cable speedo and update, use the quick release clips on the seat etc like on the air box cover, make certain bolts less difficult to get to, make the oil not so much of a pian in the arse to change theres prbly a whole lot more but cant be bothered
  2. xXxwr250fxXx

    Any more mods?

    YEA wr t-webb, thats why it was a good buy, if already tripled the km in a few months, never misses a beat
  3. xXxwr250fxXx

    Scotts performance stainless oil filter

    yea, eric u were kinda off track a bit there Ok mike, made me feel more confident that the filter was working properly cheers
  4. xXxwr250fxXx

    Any more mods?

    I am the 3rd owner and it come with 1000km on the clock, after a test ride it was jetted completley wrong and did not allow the engine to be reved, it just bogged if you wound it on, so it was a good buy, after changing jets, and adding a flex jet made it really crisp, the AIS system was already removed whether or not they a fitted in australia, tue grey wire was removed, tho i put a switch in the line to save fuel on some of the rides i do, i havnt touched the air box as of yet, just wondered what advatages it will bring, and will it wil it let more dust/dirt etc in as some of the rides i do involve 500+ km in three days of the bush with no clean air filter in hundreds of km away
  5. I bought the above item for my 2006 wr250f, after removing the old paper filter i noticed it had a black O ring on both sides whereas the scotts one has an O ring on only one side, ii tried placing it in first with the O ring facing out and the cover would not fit, i turned it around and everything lined up, Just want to try and make sure what i did is correct and it wasnt meant to have another O ring? any help is appreciated
  6. xXxwr250fxXx

    WR graphics?

    yea ive been chasing the same thing, in australia we have ballards, they stock some alright ones but they charge $120+ just for the tank/shrouds, id like to know where you can get a full set as in all plastics without the design being really wild and crazy for a reasonable price
  7. xXxwr250fxXx

    Any more mods?

    i like the piston idea, i mainly ride enduro, and by enduro not just the bush, its full on, as you said the front shocks and forks seem pretty good but i think the back is a but soft and tends to bounce around a bit, but this may be the result of the lowering link i have in the rear shock for my height as i am always riding the hills and cant always manage it aswell as i will wen i grow a bit more aha but the sooner that comes out the better it will handle i think
  8. xXxwr250fxXx

    Any more mods?

    Yea ive thought about the big bore kits, can get a bit expensive for a teenager, yea i just set up the sag and everything, just gotta go for a ride and if it still could be better, ill spend 500 bucks to get top of the line springs etc the whole bit like my dad just did
  9. xXxwr250fxXx

    WR 250f mods

    Hey, ive done the grey wire mod, really worth doing. This converts the ignition map from the wr to the yz It gives more grunt in mid-high revs Although i put a switch in it as it tends to use a bit of fuel i get 100kms out of a tank, but i do tend to keep the gas on all the time Heres a link youtube link, its how i found out about it and explains it really well
  10. xXxwr250fxXx

    Any more mods?

    Howdy, im 16, weigh 60kg with gear I ride the wheels off a 2006 wr250f Its got a whitebros exhaust, grey wire mod, RnD flex jet Its got all the extras for the bush (bashplate etc) Just wondering what else i could do to help rev the ring out of it just that little bit further Any suggestions would b appreciated cheers