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  1. halmca

    Seized 540 at 2.2 miles

    The matter appears to be resoved.
  2. halmca

    Light switch added to 525 exc?

    It's a good switch. I rewired my starter to operate through the horn button too, so that now I don't have a separate starter button on the bars. My horn is in my garage attic.
  3. The matter appears resolved.
  4. halmca

    Lock Washer Floating in Engine

    Forgive my reviving this unusual thread, but I was recently riding a ferry from Tobermory to South Baymouth, ON during a bit of R&R, and got in a conversation with some dudes on the ferry who were continuing their bike ride from Baymouth. In our wide-ranging conversation about bikes, I mentioned this thread in passing and much to my astonishment, one of the dudes mentioned that he had had the same experence -- namely, that of finding a large lockwasher in his RFS. Didn't get his name, but I thought it was worth mentioning. It might speak more clearly to the source of the washer that figured early in this thread.
  5. halmca

    Lock Washer Floating in Engine

    I called upon science to speak, at least in part, to this issue. As to US coinage: a dime will pass through, a penny will, a nickel won't, and a quarter won't.Had there been damage you could have asserted a warranty claim against KTM with this slogan: "If the washer don't fit, you must remit."
  6. halmca

    Lock Washer Floating in Engine

    Was KTM having any labor problems back in the day? Your washer is sorta reminiscent of the days when "extra" things would show up in the gear box of English bikes. You're quite lucky that it's such a big washer cuz had it been say, 10mm, it might have made a trip through the gears and either buggered them, or turned your KTM into a horizontal splitting case.
  7. I've been told that thumper talk offers a 540 kit for '07 EXC 525. I can't find it in the TT Store. Help!
  8. halmca

    Lock Washer Floating in Engine

    Hey, that's the lockwasher that's missing from the clutch end of the crankshaft on my IT-175! But how the hell did it get in your engine? I join you and others in failing to find any lockwasher that size in the engine. One way you might give yourself some peace is to determine whether the washer is metric or english in size. If metric, you won't learn much, but if it's english, you'll know it didn't come from KTM, yes?
  9. Were there any symptoms, other thant the 285 hrs, that prompted you to pull your engine apart?
  10. After a severe dunking replete with water, mud, and sand; and some smoke, along with 200+ hours (discussed here)I finally got around today to tearing into my engine. There is no visually discernable wear on the bore (I've yet to have it miked) and the piston looks good. (visually, anyway) My plan holds to send the head off for replacement of the intake valves, and anything else it needs. However, I do have a question, more to satisfy my curiosity than much else: my ring gap -- on the top, compression, ring is pretty close to 0.100". Seems a bit excessive, but I've no clue what it should be? Um, what should it be? BTW, I have a nice little Park Tool chain break that I got years ago from a bike shop during my fanatical bicycling days. It worked perfectly on the timing chain. Marvelous little guy, a model CT-5. Cost me about seven bucks during the Clinton administration. Nowadays, they're a bit more. Check 'em out here. Note: you have to reduce the size of the pin-shover a little, but what a delight to use when you figure KTM gets $138 for theirs, or so I hear.
  11. Gave my '07 525 EXC a damn good dunking today in a very remote area, had to ride it out. Almost didn't get it started. Didn't have a plug wrench, hydraulic lock, sand everywhere and water too. Riding buds said it smoked a good bit on the way back to the truck. And it seems to smoke unnaturally now that I have it home, have the carbbie cleaned out, tho I have not changed the oil. After dogging it the better part of 35 miles in deep sand, I figured the incremental harm done by cranking 'er up with no drive chain would be negligible. So here I am: the bike has 204 hrs on it, and might have been smoking a bit anyway. Hard to say, but I havent noticed if it has been. QUESTION #1: I'm sorely tempted to change the oil and filters and proceed until the oil consumption (if any) becomes burdensome, then rebuild. Would that risk a busted piston and perhaps a loose rod? QUESTION #2: Is it typical to buy an oversized piston for the 525 (510cc) engine? Are the bores nicisil al la Moto Guzzi, or what? What's the way on the RFS engine to deal with worn piston and rings? Any opinions valued, especially those driven by experience rather than by conjecture. Harold in North Florida PS: some o' yall might see this identical post over on the ADV list. Apologies.
  12. halmca

    05 exc 525 fan issues...

    FWIW, I occasionally kick start my 525 that is now equipped with whatever sensor comes with the KTM fan kit. Never have any problem with a battery start, probably cuz I can kick start the bike if I do. Sometimes things are like that.
  13. halmca

    External Power Socket

    Gerbing's good folks and they do have those sockets, but a greater supply is available at anyone who sells Powerlet products. Here's an example. That's a very nice-looking installation, Hodie man!
  14. My 525 EXC presented the same symptoms before I installed a cooliing fan. I was a bit surprised that the engine was that sensitive to heat, but it was. Perhaps yours is too. I note in passing that while you were removing and replacing the stator, your engine cooled, and I would guess, so did your riding.
  15. Well that settles it. I'm not gonna rig jack on the compression relief. And I'm thinking of adjusting my valves one of these days.