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  1. 04xr400 champ

    '04 xr400 carb help please!!

    thanks do i bend the flange to adjust hieght or? \\
  2. 04xr400 champ

    '04 xr400 carb help please!!

    checked the float valve no corrision and float still float in gas float height is 35mm i jus cant figure it out
  3. 04xr400 champ

    '04 xr400 carb help please!!

    i recently replace my main jet and pilot jet on my carb and now it wont stop flooding sany suggestion would hlep thank you
  4. 04xr400 champ

    04 xr400 carb help

    my carb is flooding non stop wondering if anyone has any suggestion
  5. 04xr400 champ

    messed up float

    i rejetted my carb put it back and now the carb is flooding i think its a lil metal clip next to the float valve that is messin me up any suggestions? i tried putting the clip both on top and then both on bottom not sure what to do help please i want to shred this weekend
  6. 04xr400 champ

    xr suspenion suggestions

    think its called float valve clip its a u shaped piece of metal with clips that bend in it controls the float height
  7. 04xr400 champ

    xr suspenion suggestions

    i have an 04 xr400 i weigh 205 pounds and have a stock suspenion on my bike i tried clicking the notchs on top to full firm but its still just to soft any suggestions? on another note i jus put a t-4 pro cicuit pipe on my bike and ran a 160 main and 60 pilot but my float retaining clip is bent cant remember if its one clip on bottom and one on top or both on bottom plesase help