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  1. thats awsome man. keep us updated on your project. those little hondas are such great bikes!
  2. ive been looking into this for a little while now and there really seems to be some controversy with the 380 vs the cr , kx 500s. Some say the 380 well tuned could take it and others say no way. Ive heard some people say its becuse the kx, cr motors were not changed much from the 80s urly 90s and they say the 380 might have the advantage becuse it has year 2000 tecnology. Id love to find some specs from the later 380 and cr,kx 500 motors. HP and top speed. I could see how the 380 could be more rideable. But then again LOL ive never ridden eaither of them. Any thoughts on this?
  3. lol.. thanks for the feedback.. ill definatly look for a sx model.. ive seen a few for around the $2000 mark. if I get one built ill post some pics.
  4. How does the ktm 380 compare to the cr kx 500 motors. I see alot of the AF 500 projects and being a fan of ktm I was thinking of mixing a modern 250f linkage bike with a 380 modified motor and go out to represent the KTM style and have a run with some cocky cr kx 500 owners. Did the 380 rip or what? Some say it was faster, newer tecnology. I like building stuff so im gonna build one anyway. Just wondering what people would think.
  5. good idea. nice to know these kind of things before buying a bike.
  6. mabie i should start a new thread and call it 1981-1984xr100 1985-1993xr100r 1994-presentcrf100f model history if theres any xr/crf experts out there dont be afraid to jump in :-)
  7. do all the xr100 and crf100 motors share the same bore and stroke? what about carbs? if i buy that crf100 topend will my 1985xr100 carb bolt up to the crf100 head? Ive checking all over the place and cant seem to get any info from anywhere on the net. all ive been able to find out is that in 93 they went from points to cdI ignition. was there anymore changes other than that? i guess they started making xr100 in 1981. Is there anyone out there that knows much about the history of these motors. like would a new crf100 motor bolt up to a 1981xr100 chassis.
  8. yea ill check that out. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. I found a website that id like to share with everyone. Its call w w w. hondaminitrail.c o m They have everything you can think of for the z50 cylinders.heads, exuasts,. If your looking to resore your honda mini bikes they have everything you can think of for each year and model. To fix up my z50r i was almost ready to just buy a crf50 motor and modifiy it but now I wont have to. For the z50r Im buying a 88cc kit and a exuast and carb that will bolt right on no guess work at all. check it out
  10. I have a 1985 xr100r and the cylinder and head are destroyed. I found a deal on a new crf100 complete topend. would the new crf100 topend fit the 1985 xr100r?
  11. thats awsome!!! thanks so much for the info. Thumpertalk rocks.
  12. will a crf50 cylinder and head fit a z50r? or will a crf50 motor fit into a z50r frame? im looking to upgrade my old z50r with a new top end and i want to go bigbore. Any info would be very helpfull.