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  1. TrailAddict

    Question about the Husky monument????

    What's the "24 hour patrol sign about" at the bottom of the pic?
  2. TrailAddict

    Rain Dance!!!

    I'm in. I live here in Hesperia. I'll check back in a a little bit.
  3. TrailAddict

    Any bowflex owners/users on TT?

    I'm also thinking of getting one. Which model do you have. I seen that Sear's is selling one for 999.99 is that a good deal.
  4. TrailAddict

    Mtn/ Desert Dualsport ride, 9/2/06

    saw this one in time but I'm going out of town. I'll keep watching out for the next one.
  5. TrailAddict

    High Dez Ride, Sat 8/19

    Man I had to work. I'll keep a closer watch for the next one.
  6. TrailAddict

    High Dez Ride, Sat 8/19

    I love that loop. Sure wish I know about this sooner, I guess I need yto check in here more often. have a good one.
  7. TrailAddict

    High Desert Evening Rides

    Hey Glenn I'd be up for some of that. Rik.
  8. TrailAddict

    Hi Dez Foothill Ride 3/19

    Glenn I just saw this. hopefully next time. Rik
  9. Thats what I wouild do or you could remove the shifter lever.
  10. TrailAddict

    Stupid f'n Sheriff

    I live on the edge of hesperia just before it drops down into H.V. When I moved here 8 ys ago riders were going past my house all weekend on their way out to HV that was cool. But it was the kids who pin their bike an scream down the streets that started to get on your nerves after a while, it is was like living in the middle of a OHV park sometimes. If people would have used their head, everyone was mellow going and coming, the good times might have lasted longer.
  11. TrailAddict

    Stupid f'n Sheriff

    The city was very instrumental in helping Competitive Edge open their MX park. if it wasn't for city council that park would have never opened.
  12. TrailAddict

    Stupid f'n Sheriff

    anybody that has lived here in heaperia for a while knows H.V. is off limits. we still ride there but would never stag from there. That was your mistake!
  13. TrailAddict

    Last Man Standing on SPEED now

    Kick a== race. only 16 out of 100 finished. David knight smoked them!
  14. TrailAddict

    Corral Canyon 12/17am

  15. TrailAddict

    Corral Canyon 12/17am

    Where is coral canyon