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  1. zerofear66

    Thanks Dave J- Smart Performance!!!

    Old topic I see But has anyone been able to reach Dave?? Ive been trying for literally months with zero success. TIA
  2. zerofear66


    I used Dave's set up on my 2014 YZ450 and no sh-t, it was the best fork I have ever ridden on. It was like riding on a pillow. Small chop , braking bumps etc disappeared. His set up makes the already stellar SSS fork just amazing. Im old and get arm pump washing my bike so for me to go 6 laps with no arm pump was in itself a miracle lol Id recommend his services 100%
  3. zerofear66

    06 to 08, what interchanges?

    I know for sure the only sub frames that inter change are 07/08. Also the LEFT side case is special for the 08 due to the gear sensor. I found this out the hard way... What year is that frame?
  4. zerofear66

    My restored 08 CRF450

    Great, Ill apply it full strength.
  5. zerofear66

    My restored 08 CRF450

    Thank you! Im going to try it this week. Do you dilute the shout before application?
  6. zerofear66

    A long shot...

    I know I know I know...lol I got some OEM's I just need to throw on.
  7. zerofear66

    A long shot...

    Dave made me a custom exhaust for my 02 XR650 , great guy! Are you going to FI your 08 CRF????
  8. zerofear66

    My restored 08 CRF450

    I hear ya, I may keep this one depending how dialed I can get it suspension and motor wise. Extra $$ is always nice no doubt. I should be happy with my 08 and GSXR1000 in the stable...but you know how that goes....we can always make room for one more scooter...lol
  9. zerofear66

    My restored 08 CRF450

    Shout?!?! really? I never would have guessed. How does it work on car engines? Grease wise? Ive got an older 2002 Tacoma that Id like to detail the engine. Its not totally dirty, but its not sparkly clean either. Im going to grab some Shout next time Im at Walmart. Thanks for the tip!!
  10. zerofear66

    A long shot...

  11. zerofear66

    My restored 08 CRF450

    Thank you! The airbox was really the toughest thing to mod. I really spent a lot of time on that build. Im stoked about the 125/500 conversion Im working on now. Ill post pics as I go.
  12. zerofear66

    A long shot...

    Yea I agree, I even tried to "bribe" DMC into making me one... no luck...I was like...WTF....
  13. zerofear66

    My restored 08 CRF450

    Ill take the sound
  14. zerofear66

    My restored 08 CRF450

    Thats purdy!!! Where'd you get it from? Ive heard nothing but good things about that configuration. There was a guy making those for the flat track guys....cant recall his name.
  15. zerofear66

    My restored 08 CRF450

    Or this... http://www.ebay.com/itm/1986-86-Honda-Cr500-Motor-Complete-Runner-Cr-500-Engine-Kx500-Go-Cart-Big-Bore-/201654130074?hash=item2ef385d59a:g:JngAAOSwHoFXv5-h&vxp=mtr