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  1. Richtat67

    RAC questions

    Its close,keep going west on that road till u come to a dead end ,make a left go about maybe a quarter mile and you will see a parking area on the right ,soon as u pull in there u will see the RAC sign that says permits must be displayed.Your gonna like it over there we usually rode the burma side ,not anymore,we're heading back up again this saturday.
  2. Richtat67

    RAC questions

    Yes we did park there ,wasnt that hard to find,will be parking at that area for now on
  3. Richtat67

    RAC questions

    Went up on fri 4/6 great time ,wasnt there ten minutes and a rep (i quess u would call him) from RAC pulled in and asked if we had permits which we did,but there was a few guys there without them and he made them leave.We got to talking to him and he says they will be checking for permits alot this year,he actually hung out there and checked everyone pulling in for permits.Some really great riding over there on that side of 61,we got up there at 8am didnt pull out till 730 that night.
  4. Richtat67

    RAC questions

    Never rode this side of 61 always parked over on burma rd,,heading up this weekend and was looking for different area to ride,pretty much know the other side like the back of my hand.
  5. Richtat67

    RAC questions

    Is this area near the cass twp police department??
  6. Richtat67

    RAC questions

    Do not park at home depot or walmart lots,we have been riding st clair for 2 yrs now ,best bet for parking is the area on burma rd,u do need to get there alittle early as that area fills up pretty quickly on the weekends.We ride out there every other weekend never had any problems,yes there are a few crazies riding up and down the road but doesnt bother us none since we're out on the trails most of the day.We're heading up there on the 6th of april if ur interested,we're coming out of nj and usually are up there by 730am
  7. Richtat67

    Philadelphia - Looking for some riding buddies...

    Hey Chuck,we go up to reading anthracite every other week if ur interested,we're coming out of jersey and heading right thru philly on our way up there.We mostly take the quads up there to ride,looks like we're heading up again this weekend the 29th.
  8. Richtat67

    Reading Anthracite Land

    We're heading up tomorrow 10-22 if anyones interested
  9. Richtat67

    Lancaster Pa, Where To Ride???

    If u wanna ride ur gonna have to travel some,i drive 3 hrs from nj every other weekend to get to reading anthracite,its legal to ride there but u need to get a permit which costs 125 bucks for the year.
  10. Richtat67

    Reading Anthracite Land

    pm sent
  11. Richtat67

    Reading Anthracite Land

    I go up every other weekend with a few buddies....heading up the weekend of the 22nd and again on the 29th if ur interested.
  12. Richtat67

    Plating a homemade trailer in NJ

    Good for you,i know nj is a pain in the ass
  13. Richtat67

    Any 1 up for riding reading anthracite for 2011?

    Not this weekend but DEFINATELY next weekend
  14. Richtat67

    Any 1 up for riding reading anthracite for 2011?

    Yea i know what ur saying As we get closer to the holiday weekend i'll let ya know what day we're gonna be heading up, right now it seems like myself 1 other guy and possibly urself
  15. Richtat67

    Getting across Rt.61 at Reading Anthracite (RAC)

    The way i come in is thru 61 amd make a right on hancock which turns into Burma about a mile up the road, then u will see the parking area on the right cant miss it