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  1. r_dawg1021

    Trickle Charger: Buy one

    No you don't disconnect the battery from the bike. I left everything as is and just used the connectors supplied and hooked it right up. I went for a long ride yesterday (6 hours) and didn't have problems with the e-start at all. Granted it didn't always get the bike started but the battery and the lights were strong all day. For $30 it sure did save a lot of pain and suffering.
  2. r_dawg1021

    Trickle Charger: Buy one

    I should've bought the damn thing a year ago. Man, makes storing the bike 100x easier and the magic button works every time If you're interested this is the one I got. I've got an '04 with a Baja Kit that sucks the battery if I for some reason turn anything on without running the bike. http://tinyurl.com/x9z5
  3. r_dawg1021

    Jordan Creek Sunday 20th

    I'm heading out to Jordan Creek area this Sunday. I'm tagging along with a buddy and about 6 of his friends. We're meeting at the Red Cabin at 7:45 and then hope to be at the trails by 9:30'ish at the latest. This is my first ride out in that area hopefully the trails are good. Anyone been out there and know the status of the trails and what not? If you're out there I'm on a plated wr 450 with no stickers. Hoping not to be the one you see stuck on the side of the trail
  4. r_dawg1021

    Any MotoGP fans out there?!

    I'd love to see Rossi down at Pat's Acres. I'm sure he could rip it up... I think maybe you're not sure what the GP is we're referring it. It's road racing not SuperMoto. If that's even what you are referring to..
  5. r_dawg1021

    rooster performance

    It was on the 'Contact' page of the web. Maybe two clicks into the site....hopefully it worked for ya
  6. r_dawg1021

    rooster performance

    This # didn't work? 503-649-3485
  7. r_dawg1021

    My Superman Picture...

    Steveo, do you have any other pictures?
  8. r_dawg1021

    My Superman Picture...

    To prove all the nay-says wrong you need to get video footage of your stunts. I'd like to actually see how fast you're doing this stuff...
  9. r_dawg1021

    Short Video, 50s in the snow.

    That's funny clip Simon, so what sound clip is that? Made things more entertaining.
  10. r_dawg1021

    My Superman Picture...

    I guess that's why he has the 'SteveoKineveo' handle
  11. r_dawg1021

    '04 WR450F Gray Wire Mod - Bogus?

    Once you get some track time you'll have to let us know how it compares to your '04
  12. r_dawg1021

    Need some help "ORegon"

    Go down to Action Motorsports in Oregon City, 503.657.4654. Ask for Ernie and tell him Ryan sent you. He's got a good selection of used stuff there and I've bought 4 bikes from him now. Can't help you on quads as I have never owned one and have only ridden my father in laws Raptor 660. I know looking for a 4X4 you'll have to shell out at least $3k to get something descent. Good luck.
  13. r_dawg1021

    '04 WR450F Gray Wire Mod - Bogus?

    The '05 motor is a bit different than the '04 as far as output isn't it? Could it be smoother simply cause it has a little less power? Just curious. I haven't looked much at the '05 but I thought I read they change the bore\stroke and a few other things that affect power.
  14. r_dawg1021

    Christmas: Rooster parts Installed (Pics)

    Here's how I see it. The way the guards wrap around the front down tube all the pressure from a side impact would be driven right to that location. If you look at the guards you'll maybe see what I am talking about. Any pressure that is put onto the sides of the guards is carried through the guards and into the the middle of the bracket. The guards aren't two seperate guards, it's one big a$$ piece of metal. Hopefully that makes some sort of sense?
  15. r_dawg1021

    Christmas: Rooster parts Installed (Pics)

    Yes. They bolt to the rad sides and shrouds and the oil drain plug isn't blocked, it was designed around that. I can send you more pictures if you want better details. They took forever to get hopefully your luck is better than my was..