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  1. Owenski

    Motor runs like crap after valve adjustment! Help!

    He got my help, he also got my oppionion AND an appology for if my wording seemed harsh. Within my previous post there wasnt anything offensive or irrelevent to the subject just my honest view of the situation and my advice for his next course of action. Can you not see the irony in someone buying a MCCT removing the cams and then not checking the timeing mark before putting the cams back in? I respect anyone who is willing to have a go themselves, we've all got to start somewhere right? But I stand by my previous, if you're going to start taking tools to you're bike then ffs read the manual.
  2. Owenski

    Motor runs like crap after valve adjustment! Help!

    You obviously bought the MCCT because you're aware of the severity of a tensioner failing... then you've willingly risked creating the same situation??? You're nuts. IMHO you should sell all your tools. Every time I see things like this no matter what bike its "I took tools to my bike and now it doesnt work" seriously 100% of the time its because someone didnt take time to read the manual or simply thought it wouldnt matter if they skipped a bit. Your cams orcestrate the lower workings of your engine to be in sync with the valve movement, mess that up and you've got valves opening at 10000rpm towards a piston going the same rate, its a great way to muller an engine. Im sorry if this sounds harsh but understanding the engine is fundamental if you're going to start taking one apart. Undo what you did, and do it again using a manual step by step guide, then pray you've not killed it in the process. A clymer is a lot cheaper than a new lump, and common sense is free.
  3. Owenski

    Cylinder works or JE?

    So how long "should" a JE piston work in a CW BB? Recived mine from Eddie just before xmas but its yet to make its way to the bike.
  4. Owenski

    Making SM side stand adjustable

    I've gone for: Chop the necessary chunk out of the middle of the side stand and weld in a smaller dia tube. drill 2 holes, one at the top and one at the bottom. Then drill a hole through the lower portion of the stand also then simply bolt it in the position required, long or short.
  5. Owenski

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    buddoggin what tyres are those?
  6. Owenski

    Kibblewhite Spring Kits

    I've since put an order in to Eddie for his stage 2 spring kit, thank you though.
  7. Owenski

    Kibblewhite Spring Kits

    valve stem seals... OEM of would they need to be a manufacturer match to the springs and valves?
  8. Owenski

    Kibblewhite Spring Kits

    I know their valves are a big no no for the drz, I've seen the pics and threads on here so Im sticking with Wiseco. However are there any issues with the kibblewhite spring kits? Are they good replacements for the OEM stuff - anyone got a horror story regarding them>? I've got a head which bent some valves in its past life, Im looking to replace all the valves, springs, guides .... (and what else???)
  9. Owenski

    USD Showa forks, Other bikes?

    Is anyone able to confirm if they're the same as used on the CRF250 and RMZ450? - 47mm Showa USD
  10. Is anyone able to provide me any other bikes than the Drz SM that the showa fork is used on? Im looking for one upper fork tube and have been for some time (just on ebay mind) but they never seem to come along. Cheers Matt
  11. Owenski

    Wheelies ;)

    on the plus side, forgetting to cover the back brake is a mistake you only make once.
  12. That bracket looks really nicely made, well done.
  13. Owenski

    Quick response needed - CDI part No.

    Hiya, Apprechiate the effort thanks, my searches produced the same info but this is why im confused. My second line finishes with 84 and the only difference between both units is those last 4 numbers. I can find no significance relating to the last line which is why I want to make sure that I've got what I think I have before spending even more money.
  14. Owenski

    Quick response needed - CDI part No.

    c'mon someone must know, is America still asleep?
  15. On the CDI you've got the 3 line part number at the top, what does the last line/ last four numbers mean. ie whats the difference between: MGT027 F8T36984 3319 MGT027 F8T36984 5030 Thanks in advance