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  1. WRF Woods Weapon

    The KTM 200 Club

    The more you read, the more you know dude...read on!
  2. WRF Woods Weapon

    Butt packs vs back packs

    MSR fanny pack dude! this pack is a sleek and low profile competition fanny pack with tool storage, zippered belt compartments, tool organizer, and lots of xtras dude! you will have the last laugh!
  3. WRF Woods Weapon

    2012 Husqvarna 900 here it is!

    The adventure market is unfolding slowly, So this is a perfect bike for beginners and experienced alike. A good commuter bike in the city and about but the tall seat height, looks like it was designed to allow good suspension travel for rough ground. Dual purpose?
  4. WRF Woods Weapon

    The KTM 200 Club

    I plan on getting myself an KTM 450 XC-W Six Days this year, so fill me is much as you can ...like the reviews!
  5. WRF Woods Weapon

    yet another thread

    Most times when i come across these posts, it points to one area the carburetor and 99% of the time it is jetting related.
  6. WRF Woods Weapon

    Which x/o-ring chains fit 05+ yz125?

    DID ERT2 is your best bet cause this chain is the most trusted chain in supercross and motocross racing and that what you want eh!
  7. WRF Woods Weapon

    No reply

    It happens dude! posts about "show me a pic of your bike" maybe that should be title of your post and your query....I bet you would get a hundred hit in a minute.
  8. WRF Woods Weapon

    2000 Rm125 Shrouds

    Strip away the old one and get yourself a new graphic kit and you will be amazed at the transformation dude!
  9. WRF Woods Weapon

    First Ride, TXC-511

    Nice machines! care them dude! I would be happy to ride one someday.
  10. Well i heard this time and time again but... maybe i will soon have to get me a YZ for keeps!
  11. WRF Woods Weapon

    81 XR 200R sticky throttle

    I was experiencing the same problem with my son's XR80 and i took apart the throttle cable, with some wd40 and lube the cable from both ends and pull it back and forth like 20 times until it was moving free and smooth, this will make a sticky cable nice and smooth and will last for a very long time!
  12. WRF Woods Weapon

    Affordable used bikes

    Dude this forum is where all bikers should give you the thumbs up! on getting a 125 for starters at least, not buy a truck or car....so get yourself a nice 2 stroker!!
  13. WRF Woods Weapon

    exhaust system or Zip-Ty racing carb mod?

    Dial in that power from the carb by doing the mods first and the unleash the beast!
  14. WRF Woods Weapon

    New bike: Aprilia :)

    You know when a bike is the bomb! when you copy it to your desktop...awesome exhaust dude, put some studs in those tyres and rip this beast in the snow, i am more anxious than you. great bike!
  15. WRF Woods Weapon

    Just starting out what to buy?

    Dude get yourself a 450, You never can get the torque from a 350 like you can from a 450, but these bike are pretty fast. When it comes to torque, you ask for it,,, you get it!