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    hpi baja's 5th scale RC cars, RC cars in general, Gas Goped, and now a CRF150F

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  1. 150ron

    hand guard that fits drz400s

    Everything you need is included.
  2. anybody have a stock crf50/xr50 any year they wanna get rid of? looking for a full exhaust, with the stock spark arrestor still attached, thanks, ron.
  3. i dunno, i just wanted to put the bike back to as close to stock as i could, im enjoying it more now, hard to explain why, no more need for speed i guess, just want to ride, you can feel a big difference on the freeway, at higher speeds , with fcr and mrd on the freeway doing 65, if i WOT it it would shoot up very fast, would get in the 90's quickly, now if you go 65 and WOT it, it climbs up slowly, 70,75, 80 etc, so that is where the mrd and fcr shined, thats the truth, bottom line power is still great, i have no complaints.
  4. true, how do i do this? cant seem to find how to get to my siggie.
  5. no, for noise reason, the MRD is just too loud, couldnt do it anymore, i actually love the bike so much more now, surprisingly, still has plenty of get up and go
  6. i just sold my fcr mx39 and full MRD pipe, IMHO dont spend $ on this bike, been there done that, ride it stock, i have the 3x3 and jet kit, still has hot cams in there, bike runs great, people spend thousands on them to be 1 second quicker, not needed IMO, stock and jetted properly, it runs great and has good power.
  7. Beautiful bike, looks like its brand new, thats a nice seat and skid plate too, get some rad guards, case savers, battery tender pig tail, change oil ever 1000-1500 with mobil 1, you'll be set, mine is flawless, i love it, welcome aboard. HeavyRotation, give the M8 back his bike! lol
  8. 150ron

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Added a OEM rear rack
  9. 150ron

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    I have a SM kickstand, looking to trade for a S/E kickstand, if anybody wants to trade, pm me, thanks. and i bought close to 4 gallons of 87 unleaded gas, $3.29 per gallon, stupid commifornia gas prices..
  10. 150ron

    Random pics.

    My friend painted me a 10th scale SC remote control truck body to match my bike
  11. 150ron

    Larger gas tank?

    yes, i have them on, no issues at all. no issues with the choke on the stock carb, of the fcr mx 39 either.
  12. 150ron

    Larger gas tank?

    my acerbis 3.7 actually holds 3.9+, like 1/2 gallon less then 4 gallons, i tested it a few times from almost completely empty to the very top. Back in the day the same exact acerbis was actually called the 4.2, when it first came out, SWEET!!
  13. 150ron

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Im trading with someone, he's gonna ship me his S kickstand, once i get it, im gonna install it and send him my SM one, we both converted the opposite way. i went from SM to S, he went from S to SM.
  14. 150ron

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    there is about a 1'' difference between the S/E AND THE sm kickstand, once i have it here next week, i will take a side by side pic for you, s with sm kickstand definately leans over too far, strong winds and its dropping for sure.
  15. 150ron

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Sold FCR MX-39, MRD, SM wheels, now all stock except hot cams, bike is still plenty strong, just takes longer climbing up speed. love how quiet it is now, feels like when i bought it years ago, like a whole new bike to me, cant wait to ride, the power was nice, but this bike will never be a rocket, i dont mind being 1 second slower, best part is how nice and quiet it is. just waiting on my S kickstand, as with the SM kickstand it has too much lean.