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  1. norcal_hoss

    Bar Bend 2019?

    Renthal 994 - I am 6'3 and found these to be the best for me .Been running them for many years.
  2. norcal_hoss

    Ken Roczen

    It has something to do with the way the motor rev's, Justin Brayton liked it said its more free revving so Roczen tried it and liked it as well.
  3. norcal_hoss

    2018 CRF450 450 R Ecu removal

    Usually the ecu has a little plug in that you just clip apart .. I have not done one since my 12 crf but I did have tokyo mods do that bike and it cleaned it up and stopped the popping and stalling pretty good. I have not done anything to my 18 yet hell its been sitting in my garage a couple weeks still have not ridden it yet.. My buddy put a full yosh on and says he does not feel it needs a remap . There is a guy on here ive seen that has done peoples maps maybe he will chime in but my 12 ecu was very simple to unplug and send out to tokyo .
  4. norcal_hoss

    2018 Honda CRF 450 impressions

    Matt whats up buddy hope all is well .. Ya im going to spring it this week and hopefully the ride day happens at E st Friday.. See you soon Hoss
  5. norcal_hoss

    2018 Honda CRF 450 impressions

    Sweet just bought one from roseville honda hoping to hit mmx or e st this week to break it in..
  6. So after some time away from dirt bikes I'm looking to get a trail bike that I can occasionally ride some mx on if I get that urge again. I'm 6'3 225 lbs and I'm looking for some input on mods for this bike. Its a 17' and I know they are much improved from the 13' 350sxf I had , on the 13 I added two teeth to the rear, map switch, quick turn throttle and it was super fun bike to ride. So on the 17's what kind of gearing are you guys running? What about psi in the forks? Are there any preventive mods to do? Any issues to worry about? So far I'm getting a recluse , scotts under bar, hand guards, shark fin,skid plate and a oversize tank. What about clutch pull anyway of helping this ? And last what is a good mount for an iPhone for nav ? Thanks for the help
  7. norcal_hoss

    Does anyone have the new handheld KX Calibration tool?

    Endo how did thius tool work out?Did you try the pre loaded maps ?What about custom maps? Have you tried the 17' settings in your 16? Hoss
  8. norcal_hoss

    Race gas?

    Ive used T4 and VPR religiously since 2011 usually the vpr which is leaded but we don't have O2 sensors so you can run t4 or vpr but vpr is a little cheaper.. For me I ride like every 2-4 weeks sometimes months I wont ride so running vpr or t4 works out for me. It has no ethanol so letting sit does no harm, bike runs great you would think with people saying its too lean stock then adding a muffler and race gas with oxygen in it would make it even leaner but it doesn't , ive had no popping at all. Ya its more than pump gas and if I rode like I used to 2-3 times a week I would never consider running race gas but for the guy that rides 1-2 times a month it has its benefits .
  9. norcal_hoss

    2016 KX450F with SFF TAC forks...

    I'm going to try out these settings, ill probably go tiny bit more on the inner for my weight and match the balance chamber like yours. Riding hangtown tomorrow with 20 guys so lots of track time ill get a good feel . Thanks
  10. norcal_hoss

    2016 KX450F with SFF TAC forks...

    I tried those other setting last Sunday, I did not like them it felt unsettled in ruts and super soft . Less air in the balance chamber will make it stiffer and I think that is the main difference or that I'm running 9 more psi in the outer. Either way for me those setting are really soft feeling and it blows threw the stroke very easy so I felt the front was diving hard when I was braking into a turn. Let my cousin ride it without even saying I changed it and he noticed the front end was skittish So I went back to my settings of 185 inner 19 outer 205 balance 106 sag For me the bike doesn't need a revalve it works really good Ill see how it feels after 25 hours or so.
  11. norcal_hoss

    2016 KX450F with SFF TAC forks...

    Ill give them run this weekend always like to try anything new. Who did you have do a revalve? How does it compare?
  12. norcal_hoss

    2016 KX450F with SFF TAC forks...

    My balance chamber drops about 10-13 psi everytime.. Ill do it over and over 5 or 6 times to check and its always 10+ psi less from releasng it. Im 6'3 230lbs I run a little more in my inner chamber to keep the front end up in the stroke the settings are Inner chamber- 185 outer chamber - 19 balance chamber 203-205 ( usually put in 215-220 and comes out where I need it) I put all the clickers in the middle and fine tune from there. This has been the best setting so far. My sag is at 106mm
  13. norcal_hoss

    2016 KX450F Motor Blow-Up

    Good news man congrats
  14. norcal_hoss

    2016 KX450F - Simple TAC Setup Question

    I think the 16 forks are the best stock forks ive ever had . I had a 13 kx and thought those forks were awesome, I then got a 15 yz450 and was shocked how plush the sss forks were on that after not riding them for years , I now have a 16 kx with only 3 rides on it and blown away how well the fork and shock work stock. Everyone is different its hard to just put in some setting off the internet and think it will be perfect. I'm taller at 6' 3 220lbs I ride over the front putting more weight on the front, I run lower sag 108-110 and fork setting are Inner-185 psi outer -19psi ​balance chamber -203 or 205 for hilly tracks like hangtown. Fork com- 11 out from all the way in fork rebound 11 out shock comp 12 out high speed 1 1/2 turns out rebound -10 out sag 108-110 6.3 shock spring So far only a couple rides but I'm pretty happy with that . Gearing stock is perfect for around here . Hek only thing this bike needs is a SS front brake line. Such an awesome machine bone stock
  15. norcal_hoss

    Aftermarket Exhaust and Tune

    Thanks for the info, I had to find the yosh guys number but I left a message . I talked to a friend that is the west cost rep for aceribis and they have a container landing tomorrow or Friday with the flo green plastic. I have a set coming plus the camo D'cor visuals graphics .. I love the fact I don't have to do anything to the suspension My 13 was great out of the box and the 16 seems better.