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  1. Babywolf

    Which CR250r to buy

    For me it would be gen 3 or steel frame
  2. Babywolf


    Run soft terrain mx tires with high pressure till you get to trails then air down
  3. Babywolf

    Cr250 full woods bike opinions

    I really like a hydo clutch
  4. Babywolf

    Best year Honda cr250r?

    Rick Johnson
  5. Lots of good info from TT, so far of the ones here the Falcon 23TH looks like what I am shooting for, but garage space looks small?
  6. Babywolf

    Best year Honda cr250r?

    I had a 1987, that I called my “Ricky Johnston Special”, it was sweet, raced hare scrambles with it. My best friend still owns it. My 2003 is my “Ricky Carmichael Special” and it is setup for trails as well. Both bikes are two of my all time favorites.
  7. Babywolf

    Best year Honda cr250r?

    Ok so need some words to go with pics, what year and model did you borrow plastics from?
  8. I have always wanted a toyhauler but most seem too long or too heavy. I drive a Ford F-150 with crew cab and V8, but from experience I would not want my trailer to be much over 6000#. The only one that I have found is a Jayco 222, but haven’t seen one in person. What do you have and what do you like or not like about them. P.S. Cost is a factor too!
  9. Babywolf

    Post pics of your CR's

    How did you get enough watts for lights?
  10. Babywolf

    Buying a used 03 Cr250r

    These bikes are some of the toughest in the industry, and I expect most will have high hours but the trick is to find one still running good, clean it up, fix bearing, linkages, seals, and improve jetting. End result is one of the fastest lightest two strokes ever made. And it can work good off road if desired. Good buy!
  11. Does anyone here still actively ride trails or off-road after full knee replacement? I know what doctor will say, but not sure what others have done. Ridding now with bad knee hurts but is doable, but after knee replacement not sure what my future holds. Love my bikes, but....
  12. Babywolf

    Lithium batteries: "maintenance"?

    Do yourself a favor get the shorei recommended for your model, had tusk short life, shorei in KTM 500 for years no maintenance no problems
  13. Babywolf

    Hard start and backfire on deceleration

    Heavy backfiring on decel, I would start with lean and open up fuel screw. Easy to check if that helps
  14. Babywolf

    CSAR FE's KX500 Build Project

    Loved my 91 KX500, great bike but clutch too stiff, a Magura hydro clutch would be the ticket
  15. Babywolf

    How many miles are considered high on an XR650L?

    Got 12k on my 2005 xr650l and have never adjusted valves or changed plug, just oil air filter and ride.