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  1. Dewlap

    Rear brake pad

    EBC. Said to disgard but I didn't trust them... Thx!
  2. Dewlap

    Tranny drain plug pic

    Anyway, thank you both for responding... I may have been thinking of the fill/sight bolt on the other side of the case? AS- Did you modify the drain pan? The Billy Who I got was for an 'R' and didn't work. Do they make them for the 'X' now?
  3. Dewlap

    Tranny drain plug pic

    Does anyone have a pic of the tranny drain plug? Is it the on with the phillips head pattern? I can't find my service book.
  4. Dewlap

    Rear brake pad

    Anyone know if the original 'shim' is supposed to be replaced with new pads? This is the 1st rear brake pad intall from original set.
  5. Dewlap

    Enduros &/or Hare Scrambles

    Anyone participate in local Enduros or Hare Scrambles? I'm going to try them out this year with the X. I should upgrade the steering, bars, etc. I'm thinking of Agent Smith makes a good point on running the Scotts under the bars for safty. Please share experiences with various set ups or tips, thanks.
  6. Dewlap

    Bike fell off my trailer!

    I just saw this on e-bay http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=010&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&viewitem=&item=200061826179&rd=1,1 Seat & Foam
  7. Dewlap

    I did all white plastics

    That looks great. I'm trying to chose what color to go with and the white is definately very sharp. Any all black plastic photos?
  8. Dewlap

    1st ride carnage

    would a '03 CRF 450 R swing arm work for my '05 CRF 450 X? They are slightly different part numbers.
  9. Dewlap

    Rekluse- auto or semi auto?

    How would one 'feather' the clutch if it is disengaged? Or is that no longer necessary b/c of the auto clutch?
  10. Dewlap

    1st ride carnage

    Impacted a 10-15 lbs rock straight on as guide is disigned, but welds were a little light. The dealer has been very good so far. Bike is (2) weeks old. No warranty on dirt bikes apparently. Most likily it'll end up tig welded.
  11. Dewlap

    1st ride carnage

    Warranty item?
  12. Dewlap

    Finally pulled the trigger

    Picking up new '05 450X this afternoon Thanks for the info on air box mod, jetting & break in. I went with a White Bros. skid, Cycra Pro bends, Devol Rad guards and a street kit (hydralic brake & LED) to Title, and jet mod. Anyone want to by a DRZ?
  13. Dewlap


    Great. I appreciate your help. I'll let you know how that works.
  14. Dewlap


    Thanks! Should I replace the pilot? If so, what size because I'm not sure what's in there now? I ride mostly turkey runs in New England.
  15. Dewlap


    No improvement with new fuel. Bike runs great when I'm on the throttle it just won't idle. As soon as I come off the throttle or pull the clutch it stalls. It won't start without the choke out. I ran it for about 10 miles to make sure new gas was in system and it backfired the entire time.