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  1. moto2000

    1987 RM250 - $400

    Great find! You may want to research what year it is. The tank makes it look like a '88 First pic is a '88 second is a '87
  2. moto2000

    Help figuring out this Suzuki year with no vin

    Zig is correct, 1990 RMX. Great all around bike. My '90 RMX with some mods.
  3. moto2000

    Vapor blasting - awesome restoration tool!

    Hey Nils, Sending you some more parts for you to do your magic. Keep up the good work! Thanks, Scott
  4. I would send an email to Frank at Evo-MX (and maybe forward this thread) https://www.evo-mx.com/about/ I sent him a somewhat trashed radiator shroud and he made a spot on set of graphics for my RMX. I see he has graphics for the '98 RM's and states that he can't do chrome look, but is close. You can see if the rest of the graphic setup is close to what you want though. He has the tank template for the RMX(size wise), so it shouldn't be much of an issue for him to produce...... with your info included as well. https://www.evo-mx.com/shop/rm/trrm29/
  5. moto2000

    2000 RM125 Rear Wheel Interchangeability!?

    T = 1996 V = 1997 W = 1998 X = 1999 Y = 2000 Since the '96 thru '00 model RM125s are similar, they are grouped together in the parts diaghrams. If yours is a 2000 model, you need to look at part breakdowns that are labeled "Y".
  6. moto2000

    2000 RM125 Rear Wheel Interchangeability!?

    2000 and up all run the same wheel bearing kit, so I don't know where the seller got his info, but it seems incorrect. Click on the page to zoom in. http://asset.lemansnet.com/static/sites/partsunlimited/flipper/2016_pu_offroad/#?page=546
  7. moto2000

    2000 RM125 Rear Wheel Interchangeability!?

    Sounds like you have most of the correct info already. '99 and earlier rear wheels won't work with your 2000.....different axle size '00-08 rear wheels will interchange. If you get a '01 and up wheel assembly, the rear rotor diameter may differ, but you can swap out the rotor from your original wheel if needed. Also keep in mind that the RM250 uses a wider rim (2.15 vs 1.85), so you would want to stick with a 125 wheel....otherwise they are the same.
  8. moto2000

    Clutch basket missing tooth!

    Where is the missing tooth? I'd be more worried about that.
  9. moto2000

    Possible to warp cases?

    Is that where the leak is coming from (drip) or did the oil migrate from somewhere else like the center case gasket or down that seam? Is that the lower motor mount bolt that is directly below the crankshaft in the picture? If you pull that bolt out, does it have oil on it or in that cavity? Just trying to figure out if you are leaking transmission oil or residual premix from the crankcase. The area pictured looks to be directly below the crankcase/crankshaft
  10. Didn't see many good pics of your bike and these probably won't help any, but I'll put them up anyways. Second one must be an aftermarket set with the purple stripe and no fade, but I don't see a manufacture logo on it. Don't know if the oem graphics had the venting slits on the gas tank portion either.
  11. moto2000

    Let's see the RMX's (an PE's?)

    The fork guard was made by Cycra, but I'm sure it's been out of production for 15 years or so. You might get lucky and find one on ebay if you search around. The bike is a '90 with a '98 RM250 front end.
  12. moto2000

    Let's see the RMX's (an PE's?)

    Got in some late season riding.
  13. moto2000

    Waiting for your new Beta....? Whine Here.

    What models are you getting in? I'm hoping to treat myself to a new bike over the winter and think a 300rr might be the ticket.
  14. moto2000

    1990 RMX250 Cylinder Head Question

    It looks like somebody put a lot of work into putting a RM cylinder on your RMX. Suzuki ran the small exhaust port on '92-95 RM's and '93-98 RMX's so any of those pipes should fit your cylinder. Not saying the rest of the pipe mounting points or silencer mounting junction is the same though. My best guess is that you'll need a '93+ RMX pipe and silencer for the easiest mounting. What is on there now?
  15. moto2000

    1984 suzuki pe 175 chain issues

    Make sure the lower chain roller is intact. Otherwise what zig said is correct, a nylon sleeve should protect the shift shaft. The chain shouldn't rest on the shift lever though. A picture may help.