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  1. speedy1984

    250r modification questions

    Just kept the standard comp tbh.like i say advance the timming super easy and costs nothing.Powerbomb front pipe helped alittle to.You still have ur kxf 450?Im after the same 08 model or thinking 08 sxf 450.Want the power.The crf250x is good but if i can ride the 450 nearly as good as that then sh.t im on to a winner.
  2. speedy1984

    250r modification questions

    Then goon you ride like me.I went stg 2 hot cam and made a world of diff.Standard cam dies very early on tbh.Also advance the flywheel pick as much as poss coz that aswell made a good diff in the middle rmps.I felt no real loss at the bottom with the cam either.Did you change the front and rear sprockets yet fella?13/51 for me was good for most the tracks i ride.
  3. No probs lol must be good!
  4. Hi all,well after some time out after a crash and selling my bike i am now on the look out for a ktm to thrash.Always had crfs but its time to see why everyone rides a ktm these days.Looking at a 08 250 sxf so and pointers as to what to look for valves/waterpumps ect and best first mods jetting/suspenion ect. Cheers all
  5. speedy1984

    Engine Painting Questions......

    Hi bud,mine is powder coated and sandblasted first to insure a good surface.Holds up very well.But still starts to thin and look crap after time.Enamal is tough stuff you can do yourself works well also.But if i did it again id strip them and leave them without colour.Then a quick polish and its back to scratch again. I hate the new forum setup
  6. speedy1984

    Does judder spring affect clutch engagement?

    My clutch used to slip when really getting on it.Changed to putline gearbox oil,and slipped two small washers in front of the springs to stiggen up the springs.Old trick really and works great:smirk:Make sure you inspect the clutch first for worn plates or discs.
  7. speedy1984

    How long have you had your X?

    Think its google time for you my friend:smirk: ANYONE?
  8. speedy1984

    help needed yet again

    Might want to go over to the crf R side of the forum.Heard though some of the new bike need a new map as they run bit ruff:bonk:But hay i dont own one:smirk:
  9. speedy1984

    How long have you had your X?

    Must of read your post wrong fella :bonk:Did you do the ap mod yet?
  10. speedy1984

    How long have you had your X?

    Thats bloody crap fella,get on the phone and suck it to the f.ckers that aint sent you stuff out yet:bonk:The x cam signs of early anyhaw so there crap up the top rpms,dont forget its not a full on mx bike.Thats why i went to a stg 2 hotcam and advanced the timeing to help out mid to top.I ride high in the rpms so not chugging around,and have found no mid to top bog.Sounds to me and im NO jet king go up on the main jet.Mines 42/160,but i run a full fmf system.
  11. speedy1984

    How long have you had your X?

    No hardest part is not getting run over by your quad when you come off:pJust fancey a change tbh fella.Prob be couple of months before i can buy a propper race quad anyhaw.Plus my knee is still f.cked since the last crash months ago.Got to go hospital next friday:bonk:
  12. speedy1984

    2010 R complete Exhaust fit an 08 X ?

    No:bonk:At least not for me.Dont think it will fit anyhaw.Just buy after market thats made for your bike.Some people like to keep the standard front pipe also.
  13. speedy1984

    How long have you had your X?

    My bike has been a real joy and a great bike to learn from.But its time to move on and up for me,so its being sold.My real love has always been quads so a trx450r will slot in the gap nicely:smirk:
  14. speedy1984

    New piston kit, which one? Big bore?

    Why not just buy a brand new oem 07 head?Bet not far of the port and polish price really:ride:
  15. speedy1984

    So what did Santa bring all the good little boys?

    But hay as long as you like em:ride: