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  1. Live2RideRide2Live

    HSR adjustment recommendation

    I wander if that 40 .3 was on the comp side to
  2. Live2RideRide2Live

    HSR adjustment recommendation

    that looks ok not to stiff soft if anything, possibly near bottoming and then unloading. But if you want to try rebound, if you don't have any odd size shims try clamp on 28 and run only 4 face shims with maybe a 26 - .1 cross
  3. Live2RideRide2Live

    Opinions on Shock adjustment

    the psf fork has a balance spring, did you pump the fork right up so the fork was topped out befor you measured?
  4. Live2RideRide2Live

    HSR adjustment recommendation

    so you have 10 44 - .20 face shims and then 10 more 44 - .20s under the cross?
  5. Live2RideRide2Live

    HSR adjustment recommendation

    what is your compression stack? Rebound isn't far off really. if you add more high speed with that many face shims it will be to slow.
  6. Live2RideRide2Live

    How to soften these stacks?

    is that supposed to be 26 - .2 on the mid comp or 26 - .15?
  7. Live2RideRide2Live

    RaceTech Gold Valve Questions -2016 Rmz450

    are you riding motoross or trails?
  8. Live2RideRide2Live

    RaceTech Gold Valve Questions -2016 Rmz450

    what are your current stacks?
  9. When going from 12.5:1 compression to 13.5:1 will the bike run richer, leaner or the same?
  10. I understand that one side of your fork controlled compression and the fork rebound and just thought it was interesting and similar. How did this setup go in the long run?
  11. no I meant after reading through this thread it seems you had tried a fork build similar to the psf2 ( accept you were using spring forks) isolating the damping circuits having rebound at the top of one fork and compression at top of other not affecting each other
  12. just found this thread. Doing research on open chamber forks hoping it will help me setup my crf's psf2 forks which are open cartridge type. Looks like you have already come up with the psf2 plus springs type of design or am I wrong?
  13. Live2RideRide2Live

    Suspension Switch Over 15 CRF450

    yeah it's been a while since I've ridden a Honda with springs no doubt they are better then air
  14. Live2RideRide2Live

    Suspension Switch Over 15 CRF450

    sorry if your referring to me. I was just stating that the stock stuff works well after a revalve and not to waste money on getting spring forks.
  15. Live2RideRide2Live

    Suspension Switch Over 15 CRF450

    have you pulled yours apart to access valving ?