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    OEM Honda 450X 18" Rear wheel w/Dunlop 739 tire 120/100 - 18. Dirt tricks 48 tooth sprocket ($90 value) and tusk rear brake caliper. Kenda heavy duty tube. No cracks on rim. All in good working condition. Came off the bike before I sold it.


    Long Beach, California - US


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    Almost brand new Honda CRF front wheel. Dunlop MX71 Geomax 90/100 - 21 with Kenda heavy duty tube. Fits most CRF 450 & 250 Honda's. It came off a 09 450x.


    Long Beach, California - US

  3. pfield2

    450x cam swap with 450r

    Cam may need to be shimmed correctly if a new cam is put in. You'll have to check your manual on specs.
  4. pfield2

    California Mammoth routes

    Going up to Mammoth Lakes with a couple buddies to ride. Anyone have any good day trips we should do? I'm thinking we do a trip out to June Lake, fill up, then head out to lookout mountain. Another trip out to Benton Hot Spring and maybe another one up to Laurel Lakes.
  5. pfield2

    kings turbo paddle for crf 450x

    Thought they went out of business. I just went with a Cheng Shin. It scoops sand like it's supposed to. Not sure why you want a king. If you want something similar, try a skat-trak. I have a 110/100-18 Cheng Shin that I don't use if you want to buy it. It's got 3 trips on it to Dumont.
  6. pfield2

    Paint Clutch Cover Honda Logo

    Give me some sparkle!!!
  7. pfield2

    450x New owners PLEASE !......

    Piston kit @ 60hr Intakes out of spec @ 120 - Kibblewhite intakes and changed to higher compression piston because the motor was already open. XR650 is a big pig, but a very cushy ride. Not ideal in technical stuff, but a long lasting/baja proven bike.
  8. pfield2

    Paint Clutch Cover Honda Logo

    Anyone know what type of paint to use and where to get it if I wanted to paint the Honda logo on the clutch or crankcase covers?
  9. pfield2

    Rear tire - Dunlop or Maxxis?

    I run Dunlop MX71 Front and D739 rear. I've chewed through MX51's pretty quickly and I'm not too fond of the MX71 in anything soft. I would go with the Maxxis Desert IT if that's your only choice. It's known to last a while.
  10. pfield2

    Weekend Riding Footage

    Here's a quick video riding Jawbone this weekend with my new GoPro mount. Pretty cool angle. The lens reflection is actually really clear. Who else has any good footage from the weekend?
  11. pfield2

    looking for white plastic...Best place

    I've looked for all white plastics before and could never find them. You can buy a front and rear, but I could never find shrouds...
  12. pfield2

    12 450x skid plate

    The 1x is the the JCR Honda team.
  13. pfield2

    12 450x skid plate

    I've hit some big shit with my ricochet aluminum skid plate and it's lasted. It's a little bent up now, but it's saved my ass. It's heavy duty and great coverage. JCR does not use the acerbis one you buy on the website. They used to, but they were running an HD version. I was checking it out at the SF250. No acerbis markings on it either.... http://www.ricochetoffroad.com/store/page116.html
  14. I'm from LA and going to be in Encinitas, SD this weekend for a wedding and thinking of doing some riding on Friday and Sunday (if we recover from a long sat. night). Any good day trip rides? I've heard of riding in Alpine, but don't know any specifics. I didn't want to make a day trip out to Ocotillo, so looking for something closer. Single track, woods, desert... I'm open to anything. We are novice riders.
  15. pfield2

    450x cam

    not sure about '07 r cam, but the '08 r cam gives you good low end power compared to the stocker. It a a huge difference the first time you get on the bike.