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  1. This appears to be pretty solid for bringing glue more sticky.. https://amzn.to/32GSRck
  2. Sweet sled .. I'm getting closer to a vision the more I see.
  3. Bahahaha .. well I was wondering when the day would come when you can't buy a KTM and send the title for street legal.. the last one I bought was a EXC-F (titled street), my old 06 EXC we had it made street legal title. I honestly don't know if that process like we did for the 06 has come to a stop.
  4. Is this true? Or are you laughing at my expense for asking you if it's true. lol
  5. I can only imagine the love, and the hate of this topic on TT.. I glance over a few post and quickly realized, there is to many opinions and not enough facts or seat time.. I own 4 HD's, 2 KTM's, 1 ole Triumph Bonneville, 1 ole CZ, 1 Yamaha 4x4, 2 Can-am's 4x4, and 1 Suzuki, all are in use but 3, and those 3 are for character, I quit being competitive in 1993.. No one come's to my place and talks shit, they want to know if we're going to break any of this shit out and we ride. but yet I still envy for more bikes. You know I never knew a Harley could idle until I owned one. HD and Off-road .. possible, not probable, unless made in another country w HD name attached. imo.
  6. This you just don't see .. from 30 years ago
  7. I now have the OEM rear fender never used .. the plans is to make it look like the OEM all but new RMX.. just took it for a spin, haha, cracks me up, everything works brakes and all, what a Gem.. It's in no hurry compared to my 500 EXC, but w that I can see it would still leave a mark if your not careful, front end is anxious to see the sky's, been a long time since I rode a two stroke.
  8. Next year will be 30 years since 1990 (sheez).. I quit chasing Enduro points in 1993. I've been looking for a bike in that era here recent, to try and bring back to OEM and super clean for a winter project. I found one this past week (even though I rode KTM's that wouldn't hold up, I ended my years on WR Yamaha's..). I discovered a 1990 RMX Suzuki 250 with a title original owner, w OEM service manual. It comes with the RMX OEM exhaust and rear fender, Suzuki back then often had a deal, a complete RM exhaust and rear fender w the purchase of the RMX. The guy has all this including the removed kick stand. I say this cause I'm curious who had the forethought or funds, to hold onto there early bikes? 1990 RMX Suzuki 250 sold for $3343.00 new. I bought this for $1500.00
  9. hum can't say I'm on board w that, it takes away from your well earned money you spent on something you wanted by design. (small sig in lower back corner would have worked). You like it and that matters most.
  10. Nice work …. So..??he put his sig business name on your helmet??
  11. I have Arai (many years), Shoei VFX-W (8+years maybe), Fox V3 (4 weeks). … I fell into the trap of listening to sales, folk on here (reads) and thought the Fox would be right for me. I should have just stayed with what I know works for my head, I should have bought a Shoei. I now have a Shoei VFX-EVO, I'm happy now. 22 7/8 is the high side of a Medium Shoei.
  12. Have you talked bad of the Clintons lately? 😕
  13. Bummer about the fraying.. Fisher Seats fisherseats.com makes a 11" wide seat, not sure about OEM pan.
  14. I told my wife I needed a day off .. she agreed, problem is, me taking a day off and not notifying my customers.. but I tell you, you and riding was on my mind today realizing I should have committed. Glad it was a safe and good day.
  15. I appreciate the response from all .. From my research from what I have seen through all the possibilities, I am going to go w Seat Concept.. not saying that any of the others are not up to speed. What I found is Seat Concept had the nicest/easiest site to work with for me, the seat I chose https://seatconcepts.com/collections/ktm/products/ktm-2016-sx-xcf-2017-18-sx-xcw-exc has plastic between the foam and cover to help w water not getting to the foam, it also has a crown for water run off. It is 7 1/8" to the widest point, which I believe will give my slight pressure, or at the very least a reminder to give the bike a long hug. I will not have the bands across the top to avoid discomfort on a commute if I chose (mostlikelywillnot), and from what I found it is for the most aggressive riders, also am looking for the easiest transition to stand w no drag (I stand mostly on single track) lol.. Again Thank You.. carry on if you'd like w reviews and ideas, lots of good resourses .. My order will be made to order and will receive in 18 days they say.
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