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  1. ThumperKid250F

    factory husqvarna!. ( spoiler inside)

    I don't think he will win the championship this year but I do believe he will get a couple wins this year.. hes only going to get faster
  2. ThumperKid250F

    factory husqvarna!. ( spoiler inside)

    yes its the white and blue ktm.. still says husky on it hahah
  3. im a long time husky fan and ive also had a few of them.. im pretty stoked that they got two 2nd place finished tonight. I fell asleep in the 250 main but stayed awake for the 450.. I thought Anderson rode very very good In his first big boy race tonight. he just might be that dark horse that wont go away this season. im pulling for him
  4. 21 22 94 5 15 250 winner is 34 might be going nuts here but I really think Anderson is going to be the dark horse this season.. and I really think reed is going to pull good a good 2nd... I just see the top dogs are going to be making mistakes with all the pressure that is on them..
  5. sweet thanks for doing this ! just signed up today so im guessing I have to wait for a email to confirm ? right? :thumbsup:
  6. whats the wet starter mod?
  7. well I should be picking up my 2015 te300 soon and Ive been seeing some post on the ktm section about the 4cs forks that are on our bikes.. is there a issue with this forks because it seems like some people say there are and then some people haven't noticed a thing?? so whats the deal. ill be sending my suspension out to get setup for my weight and riding any way so should I be worried?
  8. ThumperKid250F

    Two stroke pipe guide

    on my 2012 wr300 I have the pro circuit works exhaust and I love it. gave power everywhere. the works pipe is easy to maintain really all you have to do it use some wd40 after you wash it and use a scotch bright pad now and then and it just stays looking brand new
  9. ThumperKid250F

    2015 TE300

    I forgot about them. I have there braces on my 2012 husky
  10. ThumperKid250F

    2015 TE300

    that's awesome . I ended up putting a deposit down on a 2015 te300 this weekend, ill be finding out Monday when the bike should be here. what are you guys putting on for radiator braces skid plates ect?
  11. ill be finding out Monday when mine is going to get here. cant wait.. now I just need to order all the aftermarket guards and good stuff.
  12. ThumperKid250F

    2015 TE300

    looking forward to a ride report and some pictures!
  13. ThumperKid250F

    2015 ktm 300 xc - xcw or 2015 Husky Te300

    i do a mix of that stuff also but my main riding really is tight nasty stuff. who knows what im going to get into next year. I would like to try hairscamble seriers again but it all depends on money. ( process of getting a house so money is tight ) my other reason for getting the new husky is I can get a real good deal on it and have a very good dealer by me
  14. ThumperKid250F

    2015 TE300

    so does anybody even have this bike yet and can at least give your thoughts about it?
  15. ThumperKid250F

    2015 ktm 300 xc - xcw or 2015 Husky Te300

    isent the airbox the same on the old bergs? were people complaining about that also on the bergs