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  1. does the updated water pump have a different model number? my impeller shaft has wear so im going to replace the entire pump, is 17400-29F00 an updated unit? 2003 400S
  2. bump im curious if anyone that has done the repair can tell me im wasting a side cover gasket by doing the RTV fix or not. anyone else notice the shaft discoloration/wear like mine?
  3. A quick search puts the graphics for radiator shrouds alone at over $100 a set, the tiny wisps on the tank are nearly $60, etc. looks like I have to come up with something new for my plain black bike!
  4. so would you guys go through any of the standard microfiche online places to get stock graphics or is there anywhere making else making them?
  5. I ran into a few questions while tearing down to do the water pump leak fix. The coolant appeared to be leaking from behind the flange... is this where it normally leaks from? BTW im running pure engine ice, and although the label claims it to be so much better and less toxic etc.etc. it did take the coating off my clutch cover.... :-/
  6. I found this picture of some graphics I like, anyone know if they're stock and where to get them? Any other good looking options?
  7. I'm sure for bags, this topic has been beat to death, but that isn't what I'm looking for. For the past couple years when I use my bike for errands I throw a milk crate on the rack, hold it down with a couple hose clamps, and I'm on my way. It's quick to throw a couple bags of groceries in and ride away. Problem is my crate is cracked on the bottom and is dying, and lets face it, the thing is ugly on the back of my bike. Does anyone know of any options for a good looking aluminum replacement or have any ideas? I feel like side racks with ammo carriers is about my only option here to retain some storage yet not be ugly as hell!
  8. saw that too. people have been very post happy on the skeletons lately, but I figured if it was already up here..... lol. he says in one of the posts that the headlight is still mounted??
  9. I would love to see the looks you'd get riding through town with a chainsaw on your bike!
  10. I would want proof that he paid the dealership that. Scanned copy of invoice with notes of work done.
  11. I would want proof that he paid the dealership that. Scanned copy of invoice with notes of work done.
  12. that makes sense. constantly having pressure/off/pressure/off etc would wear slots into the basket. eventually removing spring pressure will do less since your not actually forcing the plates apart. +1 on cable adjustment
  13. I found those shims to be an effective way to verify my dial calipers are spot on as well. btw to anyone else--- I have owned two sets of harbor freight digital micrometers, neither have broke. get the on sale for about $12-$15 and they are pretty rugged and accurate. very useful in certain situations like this. check a known shim to know your calipers are true then check the unknown one
  14. I don't mean to be rude at all I'm just going to try to explain it a bit different then how you did in the link, correct me if I'm wrong: two sets of discs, layered one on top of the other. one set is splined to an inner rotating shaft that is connected to the transmission, the other set is splined to the outer basket, which is spun by the engine itself. heavy springs push the two sets together, and the friction between the plates cause them to spin together. when you grab the clutch lever, a pin pushes the spring pressure off the plates, and with that pressure taken off the plates allows the transmission set to be still while the engine set of plates continue to spin. thus you can understand wear. when the engine and transmission are spinning in the same speed, with neither slipping on the other, there will be virtually no wear. when the transmission is in neutral and the clutch is released the transmission shaft will be spinning the same speed as the engine. still, no wear. when the bike is in gear with the clutch in, a small amount of wear due to residual drag. last: anytime there is pressure on the plates, in gear, and the engine is spinning faster than the transmission there will be slip in the clutch causing the most wear.
  15. I'm really angry the drz and the rmz don't share more parts. why not put the same peg mounting on both? it seems like it would make the most sense for them too, less cost in parts.
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