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  1. mudflaps

    Show your PIG

    Unbelievable --- Exact Bike and Exact same color scheme I was going for. Where did you get the graphics and seat cover. It looks awesome!
  2. mudflaps

    Two '07 KTM 144sx's....

    Well that answers the question. The recall had to do with a tolerance between the piston and cylinder. Running a new bike hard with a known defect will get you just what you got. Like I said, it was not all your fault, the dealership should have put the replacement piston in before even selling the bikes. Bad R&D and planning on KTMs behalf on an otherwise great concept bike! BTW: I own a 250sx, I know all about keeping it on the pipe (old school).
  3. mudflaps

    Two '07 KTM 144sx's....

    Did you know about the recall before you bought them? If you did not, you should have, it was all over the place! If you did, maybe you ran the crap out of them knowing the pistons and cylinder would be replaced. In either case, part of the blame goes with the dealership. They should not release bikes that are going to break.
  4. mudflaps

    what will be hauling my YZ!

    We all have our own ways of self expression, and ultimately we follow what we think is cool about others. Why do you think so many people ride Hondas
  5. mudflaps

    What is with.....

    I bought a 4 stroke, went to TT to find some mod info on it. Got Bored, Now I ride a 2 stroke. Should I quit this great forum --- I think not.
  6. Florida Trail Riders (FTR) is probably the largest family oriented motocross, harescramble and enduro series there is. I am one of the Rider Reps for FTR Motocross and I can tell you that we encourage and enforce safety, family values and good sportsmanship. There are other motocross series in Florida, and some of them are run with an emphasis on winning at all cost. Not to say FTR MX is not competitive, but we like our folks to drive away from the event knowing we did all we could to have a safe race. more information can be found at: www.floridatrailriders.org Thanks, Kevin Carr
  7. mudflaps

    Sand Trails video

    It does look like Croom! If you have been to Croom you would know! I assume the video is somewhere in NC?
  8. Folks you are missing it! The Junkyard Dog - John Dowd... Beat Knight in Endurocross - able to podium in motocross, able to win Arenacross. JD Rules - "Go old dudes"
  9. mudflaps

    Things youve learned over the years

    I think Jim Croce said it Best: Don't tug on Superman's Cape, Don't spit into the wind, Don't pull the mask off the old long ranger, and don't mess around with KTMs.
  10. mudflaps

    This kid is damb quick!

    We Live, We Learn, We Love ------ To Ride!!!!
  11. mudflaps

    This kid is damb quick!

    Hey Always_Ride_Red, Some people live in crappy homes, don't have xboxs, PS3 and HDTV. Drive crappy cars only to put every dime into their kids passion. In the series I am in there is no judgement whether you have bucks or not. We all get along, and we all appreciate the sacrifices made. If someone has a nice RV, well that's great, if they sleep in a tent, that's great too. $$ do not equal snobs. Much of the time it is the preconceived notion of the one who has little, whether it be money or talent, that the other is a snob. I can tell you that James Stewart, who has both (Talent & $$) is not a snob. He practices occasionally at the track by my house, and he will talk to anyone about anything for however long they want. If you want to meet a snob - Always_Ride_Red - look in the mirror!
  12. mudflaps

    This kid is damb quick!

    We "re re"s like to be called intellictually challenged. So the kid really wasn't gay, they just ruled he was gay. That's just awful. I am not sure I want my son racing at the LLs. Not that he is gay or anything like that, he just looks a little sissyish.
  13. mudflaps

    This kid is damb quick!

    You can't race the Lorettas if you are Gay! Hows that make sense!
  14. mudflaps

    New Old Videos Up

    Ok you have a quad and can do a burn out with heavy metal music. Seen it. Couldn't get past the first minute! Got anything original!
  15. mudflaps

    announcer is retarded

    Why Madden Rules: Madden and his Turducken! " Easily Mistich's most powerful single buyer is sports broadcaster John Madden, who first sampled a turducken about eight years ago when he was working a Saints game at the Superdome. "One of the guys on the Saints staff was a friend of Glenn's, and we were talking about turducken," Madden said in a telephone interview. A turducken was subsequently sent to the booth, and Madden dug in. "I'm there eating this turducken with my fingers," Madden recalled. "(Saints owner) Tom Benson comes in and I have all this stuff on my fingers and I'm doing that thing in my head where I'm wondering, 'Do I shake his hand?' " (For the record: Madden did shake Benson's hand, sticky fingers and all, and he said the two haven't spoken since.) "