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    2014 Daytona Supercross

    The last few years we camp and watch the Pros race then we race the amateru supercross on sun/mon I have to buy race ticket it has my race sun/mon and allso has the ticket to see the pros race on sat. We get to set track side on the riders side and watch. Cost runs around 150.00 total. I can buy more tickets for guest (fri-mon 90.00 or 100.00 at the gate. That would get you to see the pros and two days of amateru supercross. You can see here the cost. https://secure.tracksideonlineresults.com/daytonasx/
  2. Ron731

    Anyone have extra Atlanta Supercross tickets?

    They have been for sale on ticketmaster for a few months. I have seen.
  3. Ron731

    Mesa Mx or Pax Trax this saturday (21st)

    Ill be at hardrock this sat may give the big track a go Taking the kid and wife to ride to Have a 3500 dodge with a white cargo trailer stop by and say hi. Ron.
  4. Ron731

    Thor Winter Olympics on Racer TV

    Yea good racing. Went up wed and seen some of the supercross and going back in the am for the outdoors.
  5. Ron731

    Durhamtown noob!

    Yea that place is great to ride. We where there a few years back and me my wife and the kids rode there had a blast. We camped there and after the sat practice was over the owner let us ride the track for a few more hours all by ourselfs had a great time and would love to go back soon.
  6. Ron731

    Durhamtown noob!

    I run the s12s here in fla and when we go there I just keep them on. I am not that fast to make a diff for me.
  7. Ron731

    Durhamtown noob!

    And also the ride fee is lke 25 or 20 per day but you get 5.00 back in a coupon that you can spend at the proshop. We have at lest $ 65-75 to spend per trip. I just let the kids buy what they want LOL.
  8. Ron731

    Durhamtown noob!

    Been to Durhamtown about 7 times and going back this Dec 28 till jan 6th All the land is private so you just have to pay your day fee and your good to go, There are a ton of trails that are one way so thats cool and safe. Also they have a GP track (kids and my wife love this) They have about 6 motocross tracks there are like 3 that you need to ride the trails to get to. The ones upfront are like the Big-Buck it has some nice big air and the Bomber Track I like this one the best. They have a proshop on site that has all you would need for riding. We take our toyhauler up and camp makes for a fun trip and great ridding. We get gas in town befor we get there I think gas at the track is like 1.50 more per gal. Also we shop intown at Ingles market for food and such. Its such a great place to ride and kick back. Also we go over to the Lodge on sat nights to watch the supercross and eat fun time for all. Have a great time and be safe. Ron.
  9. Ron731

    2013 RMZ450

    I used to ride upfront C years back. But got hurt and was in the hospital for 8 days and in rehab for 18 weeks so I am just old and slow now. I take time to watch the kids ride. I run about 200lbs no gear. Bobby did a revalve and biger springs. My daughter loves Coyote MX. We live only maybe 40 min from there. Once you find out what you need let me know and we can hookup over at Coyote MX and if you want you can take my bike for a spin and see how it feels for you. Maybe that can give you a starting point. And you can for me give my daughter a few pointers on riding. She got 10th at the daytona Sx last year in the womens class I run my rear sag around 104 mm and the front forks are around 8mm up.
  10. Ron731

    2013 RMZ450

    Yea I hear you on the money part. Ill ask if you dont mind were do you live in fla. ? I am over in Pierson about 20 miles west of Ormond beach. If you want I will give you my old stack that bobby took out if that will help you out. We (as in my wife and kids) ride over at hard rock and pax trax every other weekend so if you want we can hook up and Ill give them to you just let me find them first. Ron.
  11. Ron731

    2013 RMZ450

    I had Bobby Williams at Pro Action do mine last year befor the daytona sx. Did a great job and fast turn around. I got my old springs back and the stack back. I had to make a few phone calls on how to set it up but sure rides nice well worth the money. Give him a call I am sure he can help you out. Ron.
  12. Ron731


    Yep we live in Pierson fl that's about 25 miles west of Ormond beach. We go up at lest 3 times a year and take our toy hauler and camp. Will be going back in Dec this year for 7 days great place to ride and just kick back.
  13. Selling car, offered payments, should i run? I would run.
  14. Ron731

    Trying to help a buddy

    A buddy of mine has a 2012 crf expert with around 1 hour on it. When he got the bike the dealer had turned the air screw out 3 full turns to get it to idle. We installed a 42 pilot (was 38) and a 138 main (was 140) and the air screw is at 2 full turns out. The bike idles fine and starts right up hot or cold. it just has a small bog in it on the stand and if you are a gear to high in the corner and pull back on the gas it will bog. Pulled the plug and its just a tad white / tan. Also the pipe is just a tad purple. Should we install a 45 pilot in place of the 42 ? or where do I try and help him at. Also we are in fla about high 80s and humidity in the low 80s too. Thanks Ron.
  15. Ron731

    Trying to help a buddy

    Yea soon to be high 90s soon. Thanks for the info how do I check the AP to see it squirting and how do you adjust it. Thanks Ron.
  16. Ron731

    Who uses Rotella oil

    I run it in my 2012 rmz 450 and our 2009 150rb been doing it for over a year and all is good.
  17. Ron731

    Trying to help a buddy

    Thanks once again. I would say on the plug chop was maybe 4th 3/4 on the gas and pulled in the clutch and hit the off button. LOL not a lot of hills here in Fl. Will have to save that for our next track day.
  18. Ron731

    Trying to help a buddy

    Thanks for the info we are about 2 out on the air screw. Maybe we will look into the QS/3 for the bike. I was just do not want him to lean the bike out to much and blow it up. As i said befor the plug was just a tad white / tan and it had me concerned In my kids and wife's 09 crf 150 RB I did a 45 pilot and it helped a ton. On the pilot a 42 has less fuel then a 45 right ? Ron.
  19. Ron731

    Spark plug cost

    Was looking to replace my spark plug on my 2012 rmz 450 and seen the cost of 66.00 Is this a good price for this plug ? its a dimr8a10 Thanks Ron.
  20. Ron731

    Spark plug cost

    Thanks for the info guys.
  21. Ron731

    Let's See Your 150r's In Action!

    Here's a few pics from the dayotna supercross 2013. My daughter had a great time and got a trophy.
  22. I have a 2012 450 rmz have about 40 hours on it and got a revalve and new springs installed, about 3 weeks ago. Took the bike out to the track a few days ago bike feels great just had to turn the fork comp in a few clicks and sat my sag. I was looking at my paper work on my bike and see that they installed 0.47 springs in the front and 5.5 in the rear along with there valveing. Also it says on the forks 37.5 or 375 of air space hard to see. My class is the +45 I am not a big jumper or that fast also my weight with no gear is 199-205lbs. I have my race sag at 100mm and the bike free sag is 25.4 I got all my springs and valveing back just want to know dose this seem right? I would of guessed I would need bigger springs. Bike feels good just want to make sure I do not get hurt by some bad setup here. When I picked up my bike I ask what's the diff in your valveing and was shown my old stock stuff with big holes and there stuff with smaller holes and was told the stock stuff just dumps in the oil and his dose not. Thanks Ron.
  23. Ron731

    Suspension info Suzuki

    Thanks for the info guys. I know can do the back spring how about the front can I leave the forks on the bike to just replace the springs ? And also do I leave the same amount of air space in the forks 37.5 Thanks Ron.
  24. Hey guys anybody doing this race. I will be running two classes the +40 b/c and the +45 b/c and my daughter will run the womens class We will be parking in the none hookup campground over by the garages by the track. If anybody makes it out stop by and say hi My bike is a 450 suzuki # 731 Heres a few links on the race. https://www.facebook.com/RCAMSX http://www.mxsports.com/pages/supercross/2013-rcsx
  25. Ron731

    Riding Ocala, FL area

    Heres a few good tracks http://www.paxtraxmx.com/ http://www.coyotemud.com/ http://www.hardrockmx.com/