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  1. midmo

    03 crf450r stops running

    I just had brand new kibblewhites stainless valves put in 2 rides ago. I hope thats not it
  2. when ever i take out my 03 it runs fine at the start. then later it will backfire a couple times throughout the day. if it idles after riding for a couple hours it will just die by itself and its hard to start. i have played with the fuel screw and have it dialed in but im thinking its a carb issue. just getting frustrated because everytime i take it out it does this and my day is over. any advice?
  3. midmo

    Southern Illinois /STL Riding Partner?

    the website doesnt look to bad.
  4. midmo

    leaky fork seal?

    how bad is it to ride on a leaky fork seals? i have one and plan on riding this weekend....
  5. midmo

    Southern Illinois /STL Riding Partner?

    this sat some friends and i are going to st joe to do trail riding let me know if you want to go
  6. midmo

    Southern Illinois /STL Riding Partner?

    im in south county stl let me know when you want to go
  7. midmo

    Motocross tracks near St Louis

    there is skyhigh mx in think it is in appleton, a friend of mine races there so it can't be too far. if you end up looking for a weekend trip there is a track at finger lakes just north of columbia mo and they have camp sites
  8. midmo

    03 450r hard starting

    have you tried messing with the fuel screw or idle screw? i know it seems stupid but the guy i bought mine from "adjusted it" and it was way out i had to change it and now it starts every time
  9. midmo

    03 graphics

    does anyone know where i can get a nice set of of graphics for my 03 crf450r? the ones on it now are coming off and i would like to make it nice again. thanks
  10. midmo

    Best valve/head Job?

    i had new valves (i bought somewhere else online) put in a new cam chain and new piston put in...with parts and labor is was around $600. it was a local shop in columbia missouri. they do great work and really know what they are doing. its called Revlimit powersports
  11. midmo

    low rev bog

    will do i am taking it out for a long day of riding on this wed.
  12. midmo

    low rev bog

    will do thanks for the info
  13. midmo

    low rev bog

    I took my 03 450r out for the first time yesterday not much just a little 5 min ride. coming out of a turn with low rpms the bike bogged and died....anything i can do to prevent this other than pulling the clutch and reving a little (it wasnt a banked turn just flat and i didnt want to rip up the grass land lord would be mad)
  14. midmo

    titanium valves?, 03 crf450r

    thanks for the info! its still in the shop so i will see when i get it back. i had a new piston and cam chain put on too/
  15. midmo

    titanium valves?, 03 crf450r

    i have a 03 crf450r and i just put stainless valves in, should i have changed the seats? is this going to be bad in the near future?