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    very plush feeling. Good rebound. Feels great.
    HUGE difference over stock. Highly suggest.
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    Love this dirt scoot!!!
  2. diesel30

    Yamaha WR250F 2015

    Love this dirt scoot!!!
  3. Yes, it is. It's more expensive too. I was going to hold off and get one but one of my friends is the head mechanic @ one of the biggest dealerships in the country told me to get the '15 blue. Said the Yellow plastic is twice as expensive as the blue is if you ever need to replace it (oem). Said I was better off getting the blue and just get a set of aftermarket yellow plastic if I wanted. Would spend less in the long run overall.
  4. Hey guys I need some advice. I'm going to be pulling the trigger here in a few months on a new berg but not sure which one to go with. I'm torn between the 350 and the 501. Is the 350 going to be enough power or should I go with the 501? I currently ride a YZ250 2t set up for woods. It's a phenominal bike and I'm going to keep this one too. I weigh in around 235#'s. my biggest fear is I buy the 350 and it has the same power I have now ( great top end but missing it on the bottom), or I buy the 501 and it has too much power ( hard to keep front wheel down and beats you to death). I don't want to make a $9000 mistake. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Let the comments begin!
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