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  1. RBracing

    New shock CRF100

    Yes it's from webike japan. Just running indoor mini moto with it right now.
  2. RBracing

    New shock CRF100

    Did a Takegawa shock install on my CRF100 for mini moto use. Spring seems fine for my 180lb frame and i like that it has ride height adjustablility and spring preload. Definitely more damping than stock will see how it is for dirt use this summer.
  3. RBracing

    Finally a rear shock option for Honda XR CRF100

    Any ride reports?
  4. RBracing

    XR80 stock vs over bore

    PM sent
  5. RBracing

    atc200s carb vs atc200x

    Is there a difference in carbs between the s and x model?
  6. RBracing

    Factory service manual for sale

    is this sold?
  7. RBracing

    CRF100 fork brace options

    Anything out there? Not sure I’d RSW is till making them. Anyone know if a TTR125 brace fits? Thx
  8. RBracing

    XR80 stock vs over bore

    I had a Powrol big bore kit in my XR80 back in the day but no one seems to package a big bore kit for the CRF/XR 80 any more. There was one place that had one for like $250? I do remember the CB400F pistons as an option. Working on a 1974 XR75 project that I may put a points XR80 engine in so a big bore piston would be nice to source out that isn't too expensive or else I would just look for a 100 engine.
  9. Thanks, I don't want to spend a bunch of $ on this bike. I'll look into that.
  10. Just picked up a clean 09 that is virtually stock except for Too Tech suspension. Is anyone running a different stock muffler off another year YZ to get rid of the restrictive 09 unit?
  11. RBracing

    Are stiffer fork springs for a Crf100 worth it?

    If anyone has one BBR fork spring they want to sell let me know.
  12. RBracing

    XR100: Port and Polish or Aftermarket Head?

    Go with the shift-up big valve head. There is only so much you can do with a stock one and the ports are small.
  13. RBracing

    XR100 or CRF100

    Same bike maybe slight plastic and graphics.
  14. RBracing

    Anyone with a spare XR/CRF100 head

    No luck finding a clean used cylinder head for my 87 XR100. Thinking of a new head now. I can get a bare XR80 head for around $130 new and transfer the 100 valve gear or a new complete XR100 head for around $200? Trying to keep the budget down on this bike. Any thoughts?
  15. RBracing

    1984 xl100s fork oil capacity. -NEED HELP ASAP

    I used 20w fork oil 6" from the top of the tube compressed with the spring out on a xr100. Might get you in the ball park if you can't find the capacity.