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  1. It's the basement. I guess you could call it a Family Room. The area where the fireplace sits is a "future" bedroom. Everything is there except the wall and door. I need to "box in" the clean out. Just one more project on the list.
  2. It would be auxiliary for me, not you. Free is my first choice. Your idea spurred my own idea. Thanks for the pics.
  3. Hmmm, I hadn't thought about auxiliary lighting.... I can get "broken" projector driving lights from work. Depends on how many distracted drivers rear end others, destroying the front bumper cover.
  4. The floor took me 4 nights after work and two 16 hour days that weekend. Filling, then sanding, then painting all of the trim took over 2 weeks working every single night and all day (8am to midnight), both days on weekends. Insulating all of the interior walls took me a couple nights after work and two super long days on the weekend. Thankfully my parents came to the rescue on Sunday afternoon and we finished it up around 11pm.
  5. Just get it and report back. I do have the MRD,but I believe in having choices available. I'm curious what you will think.
  6. I have the same set up. The L brackets did come with the Edge light.
  7. If you look closely in every single picture.... you will see what my wife has created by customizing everything. Whether it's by painting, contact paper or just an amazing ability to color coordinate...this home is ours.
  8. That's the inside tour. The last one is the main floor/master bathroom. Straight outta Menards.
  9. Well, here we go...
  10. Picked this up from the ReStore yesterday. $100
  11. Engine Ice, Motion Pro mini hydraulic bleeder, flywheel puller, off-road bolt kit, NGK CR8E, DEI reflect-a-cool heat shield-2 sheets, 3' clear gas hose.