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  1. aaronjohn20

    Front end feels wobbly and sloppy.

    Was there any play in the bearing when you had it out after you had put it in? And did it roll smoothly?
  2. aaronjohn20

    Cylinder damage, pics included. How bad is it?

    Detonation is usually from using to low of octane fuel, or timing is off.
  3. aaronjohn20

    YZ125 starts then dies after a day of running fine

    I have a manual, but you've never even told us the year of the bike! LOL
  4. aaronjohn20

    YZ125 starts then dies after a day of running fine

    A manual will tell you how to check your electronics and gives specific values for them also.
  5. aaronjohn20

    rm 125 gearing?

    Yes it will say
  6. aaronjohn20

    Vintage Suzuki Blue

    He's wanting P/C, not spray bomb
  7. aaronjohn20

    Vintage Suzuki Blue

    THe bottom left pic of the open clutch cover I know is factory color. Now only if parts for my motors were easily available at a decent price.
  8. aaronjohn20

    What to look for - 99 RM80?

    Bearings, Bearings, and more bearings. LOL
  9. aaronjohn20

    YZ125 starts then dies after a day of running fine

    There was a crack from the exhaust (Backfire?) Kinda sounds like you have something wrong with your cdi, stator, something to do with your timing. Start doing some electrical tests
  10. aaronjohn20

    2012 Yamaha YZ 125

    ah how cool is that. Different seat design, different graphics, and a gold colored chain. I really don't understand why people are still buying YZ's, I mean really. They haven't actually updated them in how long now. Your better off just buying an 06 or so for a couple grand, and then stickings another couple in it, basically having a brand new bike, (the way that you want it). Just my opinion i guess. Not trying to rile anyone up
  11. aaronjohn20

    Vintage Suzuki Blue

  12. aaronjohn20

    Vintage Suzuki Blue

    If you can take a picture in somewhere to get a paint match, I have a couple 80's blue engines I can snap some pics of
  13. aaronjohn20

    2000 rm125.... will 2002 gas tank bolt up?

    I'm pretty sure it's not just a swap. Have to make some brackets or adapters I'm sure of it
  14. aaronjohn20

    Does 2 stroke premix oil go bad while sitting over time?

    Mix it up with some AV gas and THEN fill the weedeater up. LOL. It'll thank you
  15. THe bike prob just needs rejetted