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  1. Jags1971

    Dakar 2019 Updates, Pictures & Video

    http://aswracing.com.br/categoria-domeujeito/moto/jaqueta/ Brazilian company for these vests/jackets.
  2. Jags1971

    1991 kdx250 smokes too much?

    Check your float height also. I chased around for ages trying to eliminate splooge only to discover that firstly my exhaust packing was soaking wet with water (poor washing technique and really wet race conditions) and after repacking with no improvement that my float heights were too low, went up to 17mm (I think) from 14mm, now virtually gone.
  3. Jags1971

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    74 TY 175 80 CR 250,with 84 CR 250 front end 82 CR 480, with 96 CR 500 front end 84 KDX 200, with 2003 KLX 300 front end 86 KDX 200, with 92 KX 250 front end 93 KDX250, total rebuild I guess I don't like front drum brakes
  4. Jags1971

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    6 of them, granted they are all older models (74-93), but they run and are raced.