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  1. jamracing

    CRF230F Build

    Hondo is the shit!
  2. When pulling something, weight is always an issue...I'd rather not make it over-built if i don't have to. I'd probably split it into two pieces, that will allow me to mount it higher in the air (ceiling is ~6 feet, so if it's a one piece frame, it'll be 1 foot off the floor at most. if it's two pieces it'll be able to be ~3 feet off the floor, and help weight distribution). Also just thought of something - Using just half of the queen bed is a single (i think)... For the wife to join on camping trips, gotta be on the frame
  3. Looking for ideas to install a stowaway (folding) bed frame for a queen size air mattress. E-track? Hinges? Two piece bed (half on either side of the trailer that meet in the middle)? Materials to consider - 2x4, 2x3, slats for the top or plywood? So many ideas...
  4. jamracing

    USWE Hydration Packs: The Brand You've Used, but Don't Know

    I got the A4 pack a little over a year ago, and a few months into ownership, two zippers went south and started to open from the wrong side. One email to USWE, a few pictures, and within a week, I had a BRAND NEW PACK, expressed from Europe! The Ranger pack is just a great, holds exactly what i need, and is super comfortable.
  5. Today's Motorcyclist gave me a chuckle...
  6. So now the window is in, but still need to test the seal...hope I don't have to take it out
  7. jamracing

    what year model Yamaha yz250 for hardcore enduro

    The year doesn't really matter, just make the sure the suspension is done right, and you put a flywheel weight on it...
  8. OK, a few weeks into the buildout, and I have lighting (80 LED's, separated into "kitchen" lights and main cabin), ceiling insulation, v-nose counter top and smaller shelf, and most of the electrical system. Paint is also mostly done. Window came in and will be installed this week as well. Still need to be done - find where to put the two 10 foot e-tracks (or cut up into smaller sections), solar panel setup, queen size bed placement (and design), sink, and bike chock placement (side by side or ass to ass).
  9. jamracing

    Thoughts on Shercos 4 stroke 300 factory edition?

    It's magic! I personally own the 300 two stroke, but I had a chance to ride one for half a day in Romania. It was amazing! Revs like a 250, chugs like a 400, creates traction like nobody's business. It's "boring" compared to the two stroke, but it won't tire you out.
  10. jamracing

    Sold CRF450X and got XR650L- need advice

    Unless you're throwing HRC kit internal gearing, hi-comp piston, FCR, cam etc, you won't get anything close to the CRF's power, and even then, it'll be down on power and up on weight. It is a sweet and comfy ride though!
  11. jamracing

    Help with head shake

    Or chat with him before touching anything [emoji6]
  12. jamracing

    Help with head shake

    Yup, looks good. Headshake can be caused by many things, including incorrect rear ride height (too high) and loose head bearings. It's also basically an mx bike with wicked sharp steering, which doesn't help stability. I'd start with checking your rear suspension and double checking (and greasing) your steering head bearing. Those bikes come with very little grease as it is.
  13. jamracing

    Help with head shake

    What height are your forks at? Fork height is critical to stability.
  14. jamracing

    yz250 crank project.

    Damn... What's the weight difference between the plastic and aluminum?it's a nice flywheel weight...
  15. jamracing

    Reed Cage Installation

    That tab might be a pry point to remove it after it sticks to the gasket...