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  1. jamracing

    YZ250X little refresh what to do

    The v-force design contributes to better low end power on the yz250. Never had a rad valve on mine. Before the head upgrade, you might want to perform a quick squish band measurement. Dunno how much the Rk tek head is, but you might get the same result by modding your own head
  2. jamracing

    YZ250X little refresh what to do

    You'll find better throttle response with the v-force reed block. Other than that, the tighter head sounds like a good idea
  3. jamracing

    TC2 Repacking

    It's really hard to pull apart...it was designed that way, you'll just have to flex those muscles [emoji6]
  4. jamracing

    TC2 Repacking

    One side has bolts, those should be removed. The rivets should be left alone. Also, when taking it apart, don't worry if the pieces feel like they're glued, taped and welded together. Eventually it'll come apart, and you'll find some pretty slimy stuff inside.
  5. Bottom line - everything worked great on the maiden run! Unloaded the bikes upon arrival and reorganized the boxes to fit humans properly. Immediately fired up the gas heater cause under 30 degrees sucks. Several beers, steak and beans later, we dropped both bed sides down, and fit two single mattresses. heater ran out of gas around 3 am, so it was a cold ass wakeup, so next time I'll connect the big propane tank only gripe is that the car (2018 vw Atlas) suffered in the fuel department...13 mpg on average
  6. jamracing

    Yz250 lean or rich?

    The correct needle is the NECJ for all around clean jetting. As far as oil ratio, i ran 40:1 with AMSOIL Dominator year round, never fouled a plug. There are enough jetting guides here to choke a horse, but the NECJ needle (suzuki RM needle) is key to a happy life.
  7. Wheel chocks and bed/work bench/dining table complete!
  8. The only time a battery is unsafe in the trailer is during an active charge. Not too worried, but may eventually move it out
  9. All done, and ready for the enduro this weekend! Hinge setup not super clean, but it works, and locks the legs in place
  10. jamracing

    YZ250 over KTM300?

    Once you go button, you never go back... I loved my YZ's, but I wouldn't give my Sherco 300 up for anything. If I could get another bike, it would be a Yz250x
  11. Mounting complete, now waiting for the locking leg hinges. Only downside is that I can't mount any e-tracks to the walls...more accessories, more problems
  12. jamracing

    Slip on Exhaust for 2018 YZ250?

    The oil coming out of the silencer slows down, cools down, creating spooge.
  13. jamracing

    Slip on Exhaust for 2018 YZ250?

    I had three silencers for my Yz250 - stock, powercore 2 and Turbine 2. By far, the Turbinecore gave me the most traction in slick conditions. Perfectly compliments the Gnarly pipe.
  14. Combo done. Dining table, work bench and single bed combined are the queen size bed. Just need to install it now... Still trying to figure out the leg/hinge mechanism...mainly how to secure the legs when in the down position
  15. So here is the updated layout - the bed is split into two halves, 35" on one side, 25" on the opposite side. The 25" side is divided into two sections, one for a dining table, the other a heavier duty shelf/workbench. The height of 30" was determined by the proper height of the table. It'll be high enough to be out of the way, but low enough to be comfortable.