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  1. noslo33

    Ever See a Cam Gear Spin?

    When you say new grind,are you refering to having your stock cams hardwelded and then a diff profile ground on them?did you ask millenium if they actually removed the cam gear and bearing?the only bike that i have seen the camgear actually slip was on a 450 kawi that had the gear pressed off of it in an attempt to re-degre it for better performance.What year is your bike?if you think that you need a new set of cams,let me know,i have a set or yammie race cams that i would be willing to part with.they are low hr gytr units.p.m. if your interested.and you might want to make sure that your timing chain is not worn out,like old n bold says,that will def make em not align up like when the chain is new.did you check the valve lash before you tore down the motor?maybe it just jumped a tooth on the sprocket,i would def check the valves to make sure that they are o.k.let us know what you find out.i had a 09 that started running bad,and it ended up being a air leak on the carb boot.
  2. noslo33

    2008 250f 269 Works connection Big Bore

    i put the exceledyne ti valves in it and the porting was done by me.you might have to put a race piston in your motor to allow for enough clearance with the yamaha race cams,thats why i said that i have a cp piston that you could use,i dont really know if you would loose any of your bottom end with the gytr cams,the motor had plenty of it to work well for ax,but we dont race any woods stuff so i cant really say how they would work for that type of racing.Even with a full-on pro-level engine in the older yammies,they just dont have the top-end power and over-rev like a comparable honda or kawi.i have always been willing to give up a bit of peak h.p. to have the good reliability of the 5 valve yammies.the only other thing that might be a downside for woods racing would be that the engine did run hotter with the stealth overbored cylinder,but your set-up might not be that way since the cylinder works kit was made to use the bigger piston.i put a 450 kawi radiator cap on the 09 after the mods were done so it would not dribble out of the overflow in hot weather on the starting line.as far as porting the head for woods racing,you will need to weld up the exhaust port and then re-shape it,otherwise a mx port job probly wont help you much if your in the woods alot.
  3. noslo33

    2008 250f 269 Works connection Big Bore

    i did a stealth 269 with a cp 13.75to1 and a set or gytr cams and springs,along with a ported head.pilot jet was a 45,main 165,red JD needle and adjustable leak jet.the bike was a midrange monster,and it def revved out better than my freinds 290.I kept the cams and springs from that bike(2009)and if you are looking for a low hr set of cams let me know,i also have a 269 cylinder that millenium did for me,and a cp piston with less than 5 hrs on it.i think our 2010's and 12's and 13's all ran better from mid to top than the 09 did with just the 269 kit,and my oldest sons 14 is better than the 09 was in full race form.the 08 that we had was a great bike,all we did to it was put on a full fmf and fix the carb,set-up the suspension and rode the wheels off of it.the piston that comes in the cylinder works kit will work fine,when you raise the compression you only notice just a bit more of a snappy low end.i was actually able to run a 48t rear on the 269 bike,as it was a very strong motor from low to mid.
  4. noslo33

    2014 yz250f question

    If you go with a non oxygenated race fuel,i would try the jay marmount map.with the 4.4 fuel you need to add about ten to 15 percent more fuel on each cell,except the first fuel cell,we left that at 0.The timing is more to dictate the way you like your power.(ie-snappy or more of a smooth long pull,or maybe for slick trac conditions)i dont know how to post up a map,or i would.i just came up with another map for the 4.4 that we will test tomorrow at the track,i will let you know if it works well.
  5. noslo33

    2014 yz250f question

    on a side note,the 4.4 will leave a light brownish coating on the exhaust valves,which is the burned lead and oxygenates.the pump fuel,and some of the unleaded non-oxygenated race fuels will leave a black gooey carbon like substance on the valves,but either way you are safe to use any of the vp or sunoco or renegade 4stroke compatible fuels.i personally dont trust the pump fuels in our area,(but thats a whole diff subject.lol)i know that all of the four strokes will run on pump fuel,but the new efi systems dont like the dirt and water that are associated with them.hope this helps you out.peace and wheelies!
  6. noslo33

    2014 yz250f question

    we have been using 4.4 since the bike was new with no problems,and if im not mistaken its spose to produce the most power of any of vp fuels,but i really cant say if thats the case on the new yammie since we never tried mr-12.the only other vp fuel that i have any experience with is the pro 5,and now the pro 6.the last three years i built the 250f kawi motors for brothers kyle and jason hussey who raced the lites east,since the fuel rules do not allow 4.4 at the pro level,we did all of our mapping and engine configurations on pro 5,then with pro 6 when vp changed up the formula.i do have a buddy that races the extreme dirt track series on a highly modded 450 honda with a calculated comp ratio of 16.8 to 1,and he runs the mr12 exusively.i think that i may have mentioned before,that on any 250f running on 4.4 fuel,you should see a nice little H.P.increase of up to 1.5H.P.It seems like our new yammie wants all of the fuel you can give it with the power tuner,wich leads me to beleive that the get system with the second injector like the kawi uses,might be the way to go if your really looking to build a true pro-level motor with all of the head work,cams,and piston.along with a carrilo rod,and superfinished internals.If you do build your motor to that level,then you would probly want to use mr12.For us,im stickin with the 4.4,our bike runs great on it.
  7. the slide mod that procircuit did to our carb was done to the back of the vacum control valve(aka-slide).they removed material to make the cutaway larger,i would draw you a pic if i knew how to,but i don"t.the reason that you have that annoying little off idle hiccup is def related to the ported head and the root diameter of the needle.the red JDneedle with the clip on 4th pos,and a 45pilot with a 165 main should get you in the ballpark.i highly recomend using vp 4.4 fuel,as this is the fuel that we used to obtain our best results.renegade mx4 is also acceptable,and i think sunoco makes an oxygenated race fuel to.i now do our own slides since the 60 bucks seemed a bit high for the type of work that was done.and if you get your carb dialed in,the slide mod is just a nice little bit of trickness that seems to help a bit,but will not solve your off idle problem.both of my sons are on new 14 yammies so i guess its time to start reveiling some of our carb tricks.lol.i do have a new modded slide that i would part with,let me know if your interested.
  8. noslo33

    Dirt Rider 2014 BOTY!

    I just got my new dirt rider and noticed that.My sons have raced 250f yammies since 2006 and we buy two new ones every year.In my oppinion i think that it has always been the best 250f for the average mx racer due to the kyb suspension and a bulletproof motor,i have always taken what the mags say about yammies with a grain of salt,but im glad that yamaha is getting the great reveiws with this bike,as they have produced a very nice bike for the 2014 year model.
  9. noslo33

    Parts and upgrades for a 2014

    I put the works connection skidplate on ours.the last set of plastic from acerbis that we tried on our 2013 did not fit very good,the holes for the seat bolts were about a quarter inch off.I cant beleive yamaha did'nt put a skidplate on the 14,you would think that a bike costing over 7 grand would at least have something on it to protect the engine cases.The aftermarket stuff will become more availible as time goes on.This bike is very competitive in stock form,to get more out of it,you will need to do some serious motor work.from what i have seen so far,i think that setting up the suspension and spending some time with the power tuner and a good oxygenated fuel will yeild good results.
  10. the correct needle will fix your hesitation,i ended up using the suzuki needle that pro circuit recomends.also put the adjustable leak jet on it.the red jd needle worked well on our 269 motor,and im assuming on a 290 that it should work equaly good.its not uncommon to have that slight hesitation on a ported head,you just have to spend a bit of time with your needle setting.the slide mod also helps out,especially with the ported head.I set the acc pump just a tad retarded from stock.and we always use vp 4.4 fuel,and if i remember correctly,the main was a 165 and the pilot was a 42,or a 45 for ax in the winter(think cold)I think the suzuki needle worked better on the stock bore,and the jd needle worked best on the 269 bike.Hope this helps you out.
  11. noslo33

    2014 YZ250F finally done pic heavy

    Very nice bike,we have a blue one,with black wheels,and a fmf exhaust.after seeing your bike i think the next 250f is goona be like yours.my freind just got a new 450,and he got a white one.They just look so awesome done up like yours.Great job.Peace and wheelies.
  12. noslo33

    Last Resort before the shop gets it.

    After the seats are cut i use machinists dye.i know the serdi and newann machines do a good job,but a valve seat thats been properly cut by a neway valve seat cutter will work just as good.as i stated earlier,im a retired motorcycle mechanic,and also attained master technician status as a factory trained mercury outboard and sterndrive mechanic.i have been in the game a long time and im probably a little bit old school.lol.We looked into leasing a serdi back in 2002,but decided against it.i was reading the service manual for one of my sons new 2014 bikes and they do not recomend reconditioning the valve seats,they say to replace the cylinder head.we have not done a top end on the bike as it only has around 5 hrs on it,but i am curious as to why the manual recomends replacing the head if the seats are worn.Does anyone know why this is recomended?Im currently reconditioning a 2013 250f kawi head that was cnc ported and it looks to me that they milled it down to the point where the 32deg angle is basically non-existant,but there is enough of the 45-46 deg angle to re-cut the seat.this is on the intake valve seats.Now that i have alot time to tinker in the shop,i would love to have a serdi,and i even found a couple used machines that were under 25k.At this point in my life,i think that i have repaired enough motorcycles,outboard motors ,sterndrives,machine equipment and marine dynomometers that ima spend a little more time watching my two sons race mx.Peace and wheelies.
  13. you probably have to large of a main jet in them.i run yamalube R at 32:1,and the main jet is a 390 or 400 on pump fuel,the pilot is a 42.If the engines are set up to run on an oxygenated fuel,your jetting will be around 10 percent richer.i think the plug is a br9egv.IF your unsure about how the engines are set-up,you better do a squish test,and pull off the head and see whats going on with your piston,as in does it have a flat-top race piston,or something similiar to stock.our bike is a 2012 and its also been ported,so the jetting was leaned out accordinly.hope this helps.
  14. noslo33

    14' exhaust

    We put on the fmf 4.1,with the carbon endcap.it lost a bit of low end,but was better from mid to top.it comes with a little screen to put in if you need to.still havnt put on the header,im probly going to do that when i change the piston.The stock exhaust is pretty decent on this bike,if it woulda been up to me,i think i would have spent the money on something else.I wasn't expecting a loss in low end,as we have raced thase bikes since 06 and always had a gain in low,mid,and top with the fmf,and we also have used DR.D with good results.
  15. noslo33

    Last Resort before the shop gets it.

    I have a set of neway valve seat cutters,if you need your seats re-cut i can help you out.My sons have raced these bikes for years and i am a retired motorcycle mechanic,let me know if we can help you.i live in southern Illinois,about thirty miles east of st.louis.I will need the complete head and cams,ect...and a good set of valves.Send me a message if you need some help.