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  1. Gday Taffy / Burned Ive just got the bike going after putting in new cam chains, and idler sprocket, and adjusting the shims. I went for a 48 pilot as per an email from JD. i also screwed the pilot air jet back to 1 turn and put in a JD blue needle. However, it will start first kick. and idle for a bit. It seems that adjusting the idle screw dosnt really do much. then it will just idle down and die no matter how high or low i set the idle. There is no bog and responds well. i have noticed though that when idling it seems to be spitting out a lot of black smoke (fuel i think). Is running very rich on the pilot a symptom of random stalling? Thanks
  2. Hi Burned, i pulled the carb today and have the following info Main - 160 Needle - OCEM R Clip 3 Pilot - 50 Pilot screw - 1.5 out Starter? (right hand of bell) #200 Pilot air? (left hand of bell) - 2 turns out (adjustable air) Can you recomend a starting setup? im at sea level. Im going to do the taffy mod as well Is there a JD kit for these carbs? i looked at the red needle i have that was for my wrf400 looks similar? cheers - Brett
  3. will do, ill have a look soon, cheers
  4. not too sure where the carb came from, it was on the bike when i got it. I can describe it. It looks like an FCR from a wrf400, ie old style accelerator pump (taffy mod type). it does not have a choke, nor a TPS. it has a 160 main, not sure about the needle or pilot, havnt checked yet. To be honest it starts fine and idles fine, but am wondering if i can squeeze anymore performance out of it. Cheers
  5. Gday all, I have a klx650 r, and was wondering where i should start in terms of a main and pilot? Also does JD make needles for the fcr41? Cheers
  6. Brettv

    wr250f owners using a yz stock pipe

    BIG BALLS! I hear you like doing superman seat grabs down hills? I think maybe any 03-05 pipe will fit but may need modification. Has anyone got an 06 that could clarify this? i wonder how much the 06 changed compared to the 05?
  7. Brettv

    wr400 pics

    http://users.tpg.com.au/jimmy4/wr%201.jpg http://users.tpg.com.au/jimmy4/wr2.jpg thats my 99
  8. Brettv

    99 WR400 mods help

    my first thought would be that its lean for sure turn out the fuel screw and i would suggest getting a number 48 pilot
  9. Brettv


  10. Brettv

    What oil do you run in your YAMAHA?

    motul 5100 15w 50
  11. Brettv

    Fork Seal Tech Talk

    i made my own 'medium' size seal savers with velcro, seals are as clean as a ..clean thing
  12. anyone know where i could get one? i tried ebay, but no luck, also are they any good?, tough, resistant to heat etc.? cheers - Brett
  13. Brettv

    braking caliper on stock pump?

    yeah ive got the same problem mate, i can pull my lever to the bars, so far i have - new SS front cr routed line - master cylinder kit - new fluid - bled everyway in the world nothing has worked
  14. Brettv

    400 cylinder different to 426???

    let us know what the quotes are, im in melbourne too