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  1. anybody who loses there bottom end on a yz 250 all of a sudden but still has lots of top end, check yur powervalve after making sure carb has no crap in jets.i pulled the top end and oped up the front powervalve cover and low and behold a screw had backed out of one of the side valve cams. i fixed it , slapped her back together and man what a difference that one powervalve makes. if you take your powervalve apart make sure you use a little locktite on the screws otherwise you'll be pullin her apart again to fix.
  2. mikeo33


    yes. 06 and on were different than the 05
  3. mikeo33

    YZ 250 power falling flat?

    i just had this problem after a rebuild and replate. if you took apart your powervalve, i bet the screws fell out of the powervalve assembly and the power valve is stuck. this happened to me and a few other folks on this forum and you lose all your bottom end. frustrating since i thought it was jetting and played with carb for a week. you have to take off the cylinder to fix it. i found a screw had fallen out and the center screw was almost completely out. gotta locktite them in
  4. mikeo33

    powervalve 11 yz 250

    what year is your bike???
  5. mikeo33

    powervalve snap back?

    mine dosnt snap back. im wondering if i dont have the springs on the center valve on the correct way. seems like they only go one one way.
  6. mikeo33

    powervalve snap back?

    when u disconnect the linkage from the powervalve shaft, and you turn the powervalve shaft by hand and open the valves, when u let go of the shaft do the powervalves snap back closed by themselves or does the linkage pull the powervalve shut when the rpm,s come back down? there are some springs in there, some on the shaft itself and the ones on the main, middle valve that dont look like they spring anything back into place but just help move the valves back into place
  7. mikeo33

    powervalve bolt fell out. &%$#@!

    awesome. thx much...also. when u disconnect the linkage and u turn the shaft with your fingers so that the valves r open, u have to turn it back manually. correct. the valves just dont snap back by themselves do they? its the linkage arm that pulls the valves back shut when the rpm,s come back down. correct? i just wanna make sure everything is put back the right way
  8. mikeo33

    powervalve bolt fell out. &%$#@!

    dose anyone know which way the seal that goes around the powervalve shaft go in. the seal has an open side on one side and a flat side on the other side. it dosnt say in the manual. i dont wanna put it in wrong just to pull the whole top end again to flip it around.
  9. mikeo33

    powervalve bolt fell out. &%$#@!

    kinda small for Teflon tape but i wonder if locktite would work better. gotta be able to gettem out if ned to work on powervalve
  10. had no bottom end so after messin with jetting for a week finally decidied to pull top end again. just had it replated month ago. so i pulled powervalve plate off and sure enough the left cam was laying down and the small allen bolt that keeps it in place was sitting on the floor of the compartment and the other small allen bolts are loose. no wonder no bottem and all top end. are you suppose to use locktite on these because manual never said to. any imput would be appreciated especially if anyone else has had this problem.
  11. mikeo33

    powervalve 11 yz 250

    SOAB. when u take off the linkage arm off of the powervalve shaft and u turn the shaft by hand, does it snap back by inself
  12. mikeo33

    powervalve 11 yz 250

    bet that happened to mine to because it ran fine for a few hours before there was no botom end and the spoong was comin out around the powervalve linkage cover. was your spoonging all over too more than usual. i have heard of that allen bolt coming out. guess gotta be lock tited in
  13. mikeo33

    2013 yz's?

    good luck on getting a new ktm. ive tried and unless u know someone or get really lucky, yur not gonna have one. ive been down this path before. ktm sells most of there 2 stroke 250s in Europe because of all the nut cases that buy four strokes here. they dont need to sell them here although u would have much better luck with a 150 which is not a big seller in Europe. my neighbor has a 150 which he had no problem getting and man that thing rips. i had a 2010 ktm 250 sx. sold it to get a 12 or 13.it never happened after all sorts of promises and getting the run around for months. thats why i have a yz 250. there is plenty of them
  14. mikeo33

    powervalve 11 yz 250

    im not pulling the jug till next week but im guessing my powervalve is getting hung up on rough replating inside the ports that need to be smoothed out with some sanding or i didnt put the spring on the center exhuast valve back in properly. im guesing thats the spring that snaps everything back because those 2 little frail spring on the powervalve shaft itself dont do much
  15. mikeo33

    powervalve 11 yz 250

    also alot of spoonge coming out around povervalve linkage cover