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  1. shortcircuit

    2007 CR125 Tuning Help

    I was working the air screw between 1.5 and 2.5 turns out. I did have a somewhat better idle with the 45 pilot at 2.5 turns out... I'll order the parts and give it a try.
  2. shortcircuit

    2007 CR125 Tuning Help

    Holy Crap...I have to go down that much on the pilot? Why the heck do they spec a 55 pilot stock? I'll order that parts and give it a try...thanks.
  3. shortcircuit

    2007 CR125 Tuning Help

    I have a stock 2007 CR125 with the Mikuni Carb with a 50 slow jet and a 430 main. It loads up at idle and blubbers until I clean it out. The bike runs fine off idle, but loads up when I let it sit and idle. I have tried different slow jets...it came stock with a 55 slow jet...I went down to a 45 and it still loads up on Idle. I have changed the needle one size down to a 6DGY28-69 from the stock 6DGY28-68...both were set at 3 down from the top. What else could it be? Could it be the float level? I haven't checked that yet. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks, shortcircuit
  4. shortcircuit

    Finally got a new helmet!!!

    Those vents on top of the helmet seem large and I wonder if they could expose you to injury from a sharp object to the head?
  5. shortcircuit

    Kids Just Want to Ride

    The age limit varies from state to state. In my state of Massachusetts they just passed new VERY restrictive laws. No one under 10 years old can ride a recreation vechicle under any circumstances. Every rider under 18 must take a safety course. Every recreation vechicle must be registered now, even for use on private property or your very own land. As far as the Consumer Product Safety Commission's so called "Lead Law" which affects the sale of all childrens products intended for use by 12 years old or less...it is still alive and well...but a stay of enforcement is in affect till Decemember 31, 2011 (I believe)...there is much legislation to get some products excluded from the law, including dirtbikes and ATV's...this legislation is known as the Kids Just Want to Ride Act H.R. 412 I think... The AMA is currently running this contest, and that is the reason for our video. They are also planing a march to capital hill in late May in support of the change we need to the Lead Law... So if there is anything you can do to help...please join in.
  6. Kewl Video's supporting the "Kids Just Want to Ride Act" which we hope will exclude dirtbikes from the provisions of the Lead Law ... Short version submitted to the AMA contest...
  7. shortcircuit

    how could this not be BAD NEWS!!!!!

    Ken does a great job!