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  1. Andy815

    My 08' XR650L

    I learned a ton from the forums and would like to thank you all. Here's a link to some photos of the old girl. Unfortunately she has to go to make room for new snowmobile. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2008-Honda-XR650L-/130775727333?forcev4exp=true#ht_1160wt_1021 Thank you thumper talk for all the advice Andy
  2. Thanks for the help. Havent worked on the carrier yet because the weathers be crappy. I'll take a look at the hitch to see if i can fit two more receivers under there. Sounds like a good idea. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks!
  3. Andy815

    Show your PIG

    Here's mine...nothing special.
  4. Andy815

    yz 250 has a mind of its own

    I have a 2000 YZ250 that stuck wide open on me after I landed a jump. Happened so fast I didnt have time to pull in clutch or hit rear break before being launched from the next jump. After landing 25 ft past transition, on gravel road, I tore the crap out of my left elbow, hip, shoulder and broke my navicular bone and thumb. Bike was stuck wide open as I shook myself off wondering *** just happened. This happened three years ago and I havent riden the bike since. I just recently pulled it out of storage and started it up. Took about three kicks and it stuck wide open on me. The throttle cable and slide are snappy with no signs of being hung up. I tried figuring out what happened as I lay on the couch recovering from the accident. I heard of a recall of some sorts in the carb but cant remember exactly what it was. I may pull the bike out again and take every thing apart and see what I find. My confidence in the bike is gone though. Doubt I'll ever ride it again. Would like to know what happened for sure though.
  5. Great idea. Thanks! I was looking at Blue Ox carriers and see they make an electric lift carrier for touring bikes (very expensive). I'm pretty cheap so think I'll make my own. LOL
  6. Andy815

    Where to ride in lasalle co???

    I know what you're saying Trackman, I grew up riding Carus Chemical property. Was called 40 steps or the sandies. I rode the alleys threw La Salle to get there and usually always had someone to ride with. Them days are long gone for kids today.
  7. Do you think the XR will be too heavy for the jeep? It's a 95 Wrangler. I would have no problem putting my YZ250 on it but thought the 650 would be too much.
  8. So I want to take my XR650 on vacation this year along with the motor home and Jeep. My idea is to custom make a hitch carrier for the bike to mount behind motorhome and extend the receiver so I can still hook up a tow bar for the Jeep. I'm thinking this will work because I wont have much down pressure because I'll be pulling the jeep with all 4 wheels on the ground. Basically I'll be using about three ft of square stock for the receiver and welding a bike carrier to the top. I'll leave the back end of the square stock open so I can slide a receiver hitch in so I can tow jeep. Question is: has anyone seen this done before? Can you think of anything, safety wise, that I may be over-looking?
  9. Andy815

    Where to ride in lasalle co???

    Buzzi aka Lone Star hired a La Salle Co Sheriff deputy to patrol their property. He rides a 4 wheeler in plain clothes. I heard the way he gets people is he acts like he's stuck in the mud. When You go to help him he writes you a ticket on the spot.
  10. Andy815

    Ottawa il

    LOL, I do. Heard the park closed but didnt know why either. Figured they were hit by the slow economy (i.e. low rider turn out) and rising insurance. I rode there a few times and never trespassed onto sand plant property. Dont know why anyone would either. There was plenty of riding at the park.
  11. Andy815

    XR650L mods... how does my plug look?

    I wasnt looking to increase top end but believe I lost some doing the mods. Still cruises nice at 65 but takes some time to get higher than 70.
  12. Andy815

    XR650L mods... how does my plug look?

    I always thought if I didnt have any throttle surge or hick-ups at high speed (3/4-full throttle) then the main jet was good. Although, after these mods I had noticiable gains in the low end but think the top end is lacking a bit from stock. Could that be a main jetting issue? I put them all in... I think 12. Thanks for the tip.
  13. Andy815

    XR650L mods... how does my plug look?

    How do I perform a chop test? Thanks.
  14. Andy815

    XR650L mods... how does my plug look?

    I think it's about right myself. Runs pretty good now with the mods.
  15. Just completed Daves Mods (160/55), removed smog, uni filter, supertrapp IDS2 exhaust, and ground pipe welds. First ride exposed a hick-up at 10-25% throttle so I adjusted the air mixture screw and found 1 1/2 turns worked best (started at 2 1/4). Pulled the plug after about 20 miles of typical riding and think it looks pretty good. What do you all think? Also I'm running an NGK DPR8EA9 is that a good plug for my mods? I ride 75% on and 25% off road. NOTE: the ground electro strap is a bit lighter in person than the image.