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  1. 213mnrider

    2014 yz250f spy photos

    Heard from a little birdy, they've been testing fi in these baby's over east. Really wanting to see what theses look like! Anyone see spy photos yet?
  2. 213mnrider

    Need to ride!

    I saw that to. Hopefully it goes ok
  3. Has anyone tried these? Really wanna do it to my 2011 yz250f because through my sponsor I can do it for cheap
  4. So mine's the best....? Lol race tech full gold valving, yoshi rs4 pipe are my only major mods done to it but every thing was rebuilt. 30 hours on it total
  5. 213mnrider

    Need to ride!

    Go to Kellogg Kelley!
  6. 213mnrider

    Need to ride!

    I might see u there!
  7. 213mnrider

    Need to ride!

    Kellogg might have a practice this weekend.
  8. 213mnrider

    Need to ride!

    Yeah they called it this weekend
  9. 213mnrider

    Minnesota Need to ride!

    Looking for any place to ride near home. Even a 1 minute long corner track for practice. Just built my bike up so its waiting to be rode!! I'm just north of the twin city's. If anyone has a track that isn't flooded, let me know! Thank you!
  10. 213mnrider

    2011 yz250f help!

    looking to buy some all white plastic for my 2011 yz250f. i dont want the 2 tone like the stock and all the aftermarket pics of the plastics dont show anything can anyone tell me if theres a brand of plastics that are 1 simple color of white and no 2 tone pics would be great also thanks